Welcome to Star Trek: Homefront, the home of Starfleet Command.

In the last decade, the Federation as we know it has changed beyond measure. Mars and the Utopia Planitia were decimated by rogue synthetic lifeforms, with the hub of ship design and production spread around the Federation as a result. With the subsequent ban on synthetics, holographic technology advancements surged. Elsewhere, the after effects of the synth attack were felt far and wide. A rescue armada gathered together by Admiral Jean-Luc Picard was destroyed, leaving the fragmented Romulan Empire and its people to suffer in the wake of a disastrous Supernova in their home systems. Cyberneticists from various empires saw their work wiped out in the wake of the synth ban and tensions with the Federation suffered.

Elsewhere, relations with our Klingon allies have seen better days and a revived Cardassian Union is looking to expand it's borders once again. Lastly, the reformed body of the Ferengi Alliance has fallen and their people have resorted to the old ways of profit, profit, profit whilst a new threat emerges in the shape of the Typhon Pact, a rag tag coalition of species usually considered inferior but together they pose significant risk. In the aftermath of these life changing events, outlying Federation worlds continue to spread dissent and threaten to cede from paradise, but a newly elected President seeks to unite the worlds again and seek an end to growing tensions.

However, on the evening of her inauguration, President Iden Morr of Bajor was assassinated in an attack that sent shock waves across the Federation. Fleet Admiral Noah Ramsey has ordered Starfleet to its highest level of alert since the synth attack on Mars. Border patrols have increased with all major powers and Ambassadors recalled as investigations take place. In the outer rim, Federation starships begin to assert their dominance in a crackdown on rising tensions. Despite the dark days ahead of us, there is still hope for sense to prevail. The Starfleet mandate of peaceful exploration and scientific discovery remains.

But at Starfleet Command, politics, intrigue, drama and scandal are never far away...

Star Trek: Homefront is the flagship sim of the following 5th Fleet storyline:

Latest Character Posts

» Pieces of her

Episode: Dark Days Lay Ahead
Posted on Tue Aug 25th, 2020 @ 8:27am by Director Winston Hastings & Director Jack Colter

It had been a long night, he had as yet been unable to get any sleep something that even he had to admit that he was in desperate need of. Not this hour he thought to himself as he walked back into the crime scene that was the Roth dining…

» In the Spirit of Cooperation.

Episode: Dark Days Lay Ahead
Posted on Mon Aug 10th, 2020 @ 6:02pm by Ambassador Vaebn Mirok & Secretary Annita Rem

The Romulan skimmer approached the Intergalactic Affairs Office with ease. Ambassador Vaebn was accompanied by Major Reilan, his head of Security.

“Whats this about sir?” Reilan asked with a level of suspicion in his voice.

Vaebn smiled slyly.“Observing the formalities Major.”

The driver opened the vehicle door for the Ambassador.…

» A Crucial Appointment

Episode: Dark Days Lay Ahead
Posted on Mon Jul 27th, 2020 @ 7:27pm by President Lukiz Raikan & Fleet Admiral Noah Ramsey & Vice Admiral Kirsten Clancy

With his government Administration taking shape, President Raikan had now been forced to get the rest of his house in order. As was tradition, all new President's had the responsibility of appointing a Commander in Chief for Starfleet. Starfleet was the deep space exploratory and defense service maintained by the…

» Confirmation Votes

Episode: Dark Days Lay Ahead
Posted on Mon Jul 27th, 2020 @ 6:26pm by Councillor Rajea & President Lukiz Raikan & Secretary Annita Rem

Rajea sat in her appointed seat as the other members of the Federation Council trickled in. The Deltan woman stood and greeted her colleagues as they entered.

“Blessed Afternoon.” She said with a warm smile to her Bajoran and Tellarite counterparts as they entered.

The members of the Council knew…

» Promoting from Within

Episode: Dark Days Lay Ahead
Posted on Tue Jul 14th, 2020 @ 9:47pm by President Lukiz Raikan & Vice Admiral Kirsten Clancy & Elizabeth Carter & Director Winston Hastings

[Hastings Residence, Belfast, Ireland, Earth]

Hastings exited the front door of his property, he was met by a gaggle of Starfleet Security officers, all heavily armed, all looking very serious. His son, who had previously entered the property to inform him that he was being summoned to Paris, left his…