Ever wanted to be at the heart of decision making, where a single word, a single action could mean the difference between war or peace? By joining Star trek: Homefront you have the chance to directly impact the future of not only the United Federation of Planets or Starfleet Command, but the galaxy as a whole. A twist on modern shows such as ‘Designated Survivor’, ‘Commander-in-Chief’, ‘Madam Secretary’ and ‘The West Wing’, you are expected to take the role of a character and have them interact with other characters as per the Starfleet chain of command. With an opportunity to join the Office of the Starfleet Commander in Chief, the Starfleet Admiralty or even the lower levels of Starfleet Headquarters, it is highly recommended that new players read the entire website before applying.

All players are required to submit a sample post for approval, in order to ensure proper understanding of Homefront’s settings and a basic understanding of their desired role. This post can, and is encouraged to be, used as the first post of your character upon acceptance. We welcome players with all manner of experience and knowledge, and we are always on hand to assist anyone who may need a bit of guidance.

Prior to applying, players should visit the site Discord to discuss their character ideas the GM team in order to ensure the best chance of acceptance.

Upon acceptance, players agree to follow all of the Homefront rules and will be expected to post at least once a fortnight. We highly encourage joint interactions, but we also value individual character development and plot development posts too. It is highly recommended that players makes use of the personal diary entries too, as a secret way of recording the thoughts and feelings of their character. Anything included in these entries is confidential and will not be used or referenced by any other player without permission.

As with all simulations, it is expected that players will enjoy their time with the simulation. In order to ensure this, Homefront has an expectation that players will be free from any form of intolerance, discrimination or negative behaviour. If any player or visitor flouts this expectation, they will be dealt with quickly and decisively.