Director Jack Colter

Name Jack Oliver Colter

Rank Director


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Birthdate 17/01/2356

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft 5"
Weight 225lbs
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Jack is tall, dark and relatively handsome. He has medium length brown hair that curls ever so slightly at the ends. He tries not to tower over people but usually has the appearance of doing so. He is in excellent shape for a man of his height, weight and age. Works out regular and makes sure he can use both hands well. He has no major scars on show and no tattoo's or piercings that he would ever willingly admit to or show for that matter.

Usually can be seen wearing suits when on duty, while when he is at home wearing jeans or dungarees and a shirt or t-shirt. Much depends on where he is whether he is on the farm or in Paris and the like. He will dress appropriately for whatever occasion he is attending.


Spouse Brandon Littlewood
Children Adopted son Max, his husbands child from his first marriage age 15
Alexander son from a surrogate mother aged 3
Father Captain Daniel Colter
Mother Martha Colter-Anderton
Brother(s) Lt. Commander Harrison Colter
Sister(s) Alice Janison
Other Family Various aunts and uncles, several nieces and nephews and numerous cousins.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jack is a friendly person, he'll make time for people whether he knows them or whether they are complete strangers. If he can help people he will, its just the kind of person that he is. He was raised to act a gentleman with the fairer sex though often he doesn't get to use those skills. He has never been a fan of fools or people behaving as such, so he is likely to be harsher with people who behave like they have something to hide or are deliberately lying to him with the intention to deceive. He always speaks with a firm but fair kind manner when talking to his principles or dealing with other dignitaries. Get in his way however and you will find that the other side of his job is far easier when you look like a man mountain and know how to act like one.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Multilingual (Human and Alien languages. Speaks fluent Vulcan standard, so he could converse with V'Larien, can also hold his own with Bolians.)
Fit and in shape

Had a knee replacement surgery three years ago, due to injuries sustained playing soccer in his school days.
Wears glasses on occasion and suffers from a minor case of nearsightedness. Usually wears contacts while on duty.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests When he retires from the service he plans to return to the family farm to see out his days working on it. To have at least one more child, though whether that is through adoption or surrogacy he is not all that bothered.

Languages, antique weapons such as sabres and blunderbusses. His office at home is full of such things.

Service Record Early Life

Jack was born on board a starship, the starship that his father was executive officer of at the time. Jack was the youngest of three children, his brother and sister 2 and 6 years older than is respectively. So growing up Jack was closer to his sister than he was his brother as they were closer in age than Jack was to Harry. This isn't to say that he didn't enjoy a good relationship with his brother, just that he and Alice were often competing for firsts. Jack however enjoyed a strained relationship with his father as he did not conform to ship life and the normality that most children found on board ship. Jack did not like the sensation of being locked into a tin can for long periods of time and did not early in his life anyway make friends easily. Finally as a teenager Daniel relented and allowed Jack to go live with his grandparents on Earth in rural Oxfordshire on a farm that had been in his family for centuries.

It wasn't like a light went on but he found that on Earth he wasn't the captains kid or worse the weird one who doesn't like doing things the way every body else did. Jack as a teenager grew into himself in more ways than one, taking up sports and taking up working out. Losing the puppy fat that had plagued him as a small child and gaining a fair amount of muscle mass along with a fair amount of height. At age 11 he was a little over 5ft 6” by the time he graduated he was much closer to his current height of 6ft 5”. Its a lot easier he found to be left alone when you are bigger and stronger than most of the people around you. He found a liking for cross country running and the archaic sport of soccer which he enjoyed immensely.

Jack was unsure of the path he wanted to take going forward from graduation, having been brow beaten by his parents to take the Starfleet aptitude tests. He also had offers from several universities both on Earth and places like Cestus III.


Jack joined the academy with the believe that he would change the world one action at a time, young and restless but talented as his professors would say later. Jack had a knack for finding trouble or causing trouble He was a man mountain and unless you were a Klingon or a Brikar usually he found you to be remarkably unscary to deal with. So it was perhaps fate that he moved into the security field, where he could deal with the scumbags breaking the rules or the laws and hopefully both as he said when he made his choice. Earning himself a rebuke for making such a statement of intent but being applauded for showing an interest in a field that needed more men and women and every one in between.

Jack excelled physically and perhaps surprisingly to him anyway academically. Being pushed by his superiors and trainers to go further than just settling for the also run role in the fleet. Jack would study hard, run hard and play hard. Making the academy's cross country team and proving himself a dab hand on the archery range. People found that if you could challenge Jack and make things harder for him, rather than break him you'd see him grit his teeth growl at you or who ever was close by dig in and get on with it. It was the stubbornness that his father said he was famous for. Jack graduated from the academy third in his class, the drinking session the night before his exam probably wasn't the best idea as was the party after wards that saw him on punishment detail but that was a whole different story. Jack graduated and he wasn't sure personally if he was capable of graduating when he signed up. He thought someone would realise their mistake and remind the misfit that he didn't belong somewhere again. His father made one of his few appearances in his sons adult life when he turned up with his mother for his graduation. Jack wanted a front line assignment or an exploratory assignment and so found himself assigned to the USS Io a long term exploratory vessel

Ensign Jack Colter was a different kettle of fish to the goof ball that he had been in the academy. He was doing something that he wanted to do, that he was good at and that he enjoyed. He was still a goof ball off duty but on duty he was the epitome of professionalism and not above throwing extra hours of work in to help others out who had families. Jack while on the Idaho would meet a teacher by the name of Brandon Littlewood. A recently widowed man who's wife had been killed while on an away mission. Jack and he started talking one night in the ships galley. Jack could see that Brandon wasn't ready for anything meaningful and was unaware of the mans sexuality so he was happy to be friends. In fact he was happy to have made a friend with someone outside of work. That Brandon had an adorable little boy helped out immensely. It was there for a surprise when Brandon kissed him during a Christmas party for the rank file, telling him later that he was tired of waiting for Jack to make the first move.

While Jack was off duty he would work on such things as getting further education. Learning languages and generally making himself a better person. It was maybe because he didn't think he was good enough for Brandon or maybe it was just because he needed to do more than just be the security guy.

His assignment to the Idaho ended after a three year assignment by which point the Lt was ready for a new challenge. It was during a conversation with Brandon that he admitted that he wanted Max to know more about life than what could be found on a ship. Brandon was happy by this point to follow Jack home to Earth on temporary assignment. Jack's grandparents were more than happy to have a kid on the farm again, one that could behave better than Jack did. Jack would travel to and from work from the farm.


Jack was happy with his life, he was involved with a man he adored and he had a job that he loved but a part of him wanted more than that. He wanted to be doing other stuff, he wanted more responsibility for that matter. While at a symposium on Vulcan about the latest security protocols in Jack met a Tellarite man from the Federation Security agency. And while he was not offered a job, he was asked whether he was doing something that he wished to do for the rest of his life. Jack did not know the answer to that question for sure and said so, the Tellarite Granthaner handed him contact details and told him that when he was done on Vulcan and he knew what he wanted to give him a call.

All Jack could really think about on his way back to Earth was the conversation with the Tellarite and upon returning to Earth asked for a meeting with his direct superior to discuss his future in the fleet. His direct superior asked him whether he wanted to return to space and a long term assignment on another exploratory mission to which he answered no as he didn't want to up heave his family again for his career long term. Then the man asked him whether or not he wanted to be assigned to a planetary base besides Earth and he said he was unsure. His commanding officer demanded to know why they were even having a conversation if he had already made his mind up to take up the Tellarite on the offer. Someone had noticed the chat and reported back or more likely scuttle but had done its job.

Two weeks later Jack was in an office with the Tellarite repeating the conversation they had had on Vulcan. Except this time he asked whether their was a job to be had with the service to which the Tellarite said yes if he wanted to go through the process of applying. Given his history and service record he would likely be offered the opportunity to join the service. He would also have recommendations from the Tellarite and his own commanding officer who had already done him the service of writing a letter of recommendation.

Service to the Federation

The biggest challenge about hanging up his uniform was not that he had returned to civilian life, no it was the adjustment to not calling everyone sir or ma'am or standing to attention when a senior officer stepped into the room on instinct. Not that he didn't stand to attention when someone senior stepped into the room but usually he was told to relax before he strained something. Jack's retraining included close quarters protection of a particular person, assessing problems before they occurred. Skills that he had learned in the fleet but that he had to hone and work harder on. So that it was second nature to him.

Jack went from liking what he did to loving what he did, not over night but very quickly he found something in the security service that he had not found on a starship. With his work life finally straightened out his home life fell into place as well. The tension gone from his life and the question of whether or not he would be shipped out to god knows where and god knows when. For the first three years of his time in the service he worked mostly on diplomatic details for visiting dignitaries, working with ambassadors and the like to make sure that their own security protocols and staff did not interfere with the safety of Federation dignitaries. This allowed him the time he needed to take care of such things like marrying Brandon on the family farm or finally adopt the kid he loved as his own. Its the small things he would say that make everything else worth while. Moving into their own place in Paris rather than the family farm also meant that for the first time in his life Jack actually had a place to call his own. A place to make his own even.

Jack's first real bite of the cherry was when he was recommended to and eventually assigned to the Council member for Vulcan, V'Larien a Vulcan fast approaching her second century of life and someone who was a stickler for protocol. Being asked to call someone Ma'am again was a nice change to his life. V'Larien was the least troubling member of the council to work for. Some might call it an easy assignment, for Jack though it was an interesting assignment. As the day would go on the old Vulcan would talk, the choice words in Vulcan were sometimes well placed when discussing the Klingons. Not that Vulcan's swear they are beyond that apparently but if you annoy one long enough their choice of words will be enough to chastise. While on a diplomatic mission to the Klingon homeworld, V'Larien collapsed during a meeting. Despite his best efforts and the efforts of the medical staff on hand, V'Larien died of what was later confirmed to be a massive brain bleed. She was likely dead before she hit the ground, Jack and his team were left to bring the venerable diplomat home for her funeral.

Jack would play down the effect that V'Larien's death had on him, as he had grown quite close to the old woman but to those who knew him best it was clear that he had seen her as more than just a protectorate. After paying his respects to the late diplomat he returned to Earth and after taking a brief leave of absence was assigned to the majority whips protection detail as second in command of the detail.

If Jack like V'Larian he detested the Bolian majority whip, the man had a way of rubbing everyone up the wrong way in his own party and among the people assigned to protect him and if he wasn't completely blind the mans wife wasn't that keen on him either. It was however an assignment and you didn't turn them down however repugnant you found the person you were protecting. After nearly a year of protecting the man he was called into the directors officer, being congratulated for surviving the warp core breach was an eye raising experience. The director was pleased with his work and so apparently was the majority whip. At the recommendation of the majority whip and with the blessing of the director he was assigned to the presidential detail. Not in charge of the detail but on it, one of the many people charged with protecting the president. It would take someone a month to get the smile to come off his face. It wasn't director or deputy and he was once again learning new protocols. Part of him was glad he wasn't the guy designated to be the body man for the president in the event of a fire fight.

A call from his parents who were on long term assignment along what remained of the Romulan border finally healed the rift between father and son. Daniel had not been happy with Jack's choices up to and including resigning his commission to take up a role in the security services. But seeing his kid on the news feeds even if it was in the background of shots was a matter of pride for his old man. Daniel was still not sold on Brandon and Max but he was happy to see that Jack had seemingly found his calling and found something that he loved.

Jack's promotion to the director of the presidents detail was surprising to Jack mainly because he believed that he probably had gotten as high up as he was likely to get in the service. He had never allowed his political belief's to be known to any of the people who he had protected or served with, simply believing that what and who he voted for did not matter so long as he was capable of doing the job he was hired to do. When Iden Morr won the presidential election, his predecessor chose this moment to announce he was retiring from the service. That he had given his best years and that he felt it time to let someone else have the job of protecting the most important person in the Federation. Jack had written his own resignation expecting to be asked for it when he was called into the directors office after the shock announcement. “What is that in your hand Jack?” was the first question he was asked. Seeing no reason to lie he told his superior. “Put it away.”. Having been vetted for his position previously undergoing scrutiny for his new role was hardly new to him and meeting with people in the soon to be administration was never particularly taxing or difficult. The job as they was his if he wanted it and my god he wanted it.

Personal life

Jack has been with Brandon since his early twenties, he has two children Max through marriage and adoption and Sam through a surrogate. Jack is a dedicated family man outside of work and settled into the role of an absentee father when he has to travel. He is known as Pops to his boys and Jay to Brandon when in private anyway. He has a strained relationship with his parents and a good relationship with his siblings and extended family. His grandparents had more of an influence on his life publicly and privately than his parents which sometimes leads to arguments.