Director Charles Robinson

Name Charles Andrew Robinson III

Rank Director


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Birthdate May 17th, 2331

Physical Appearance

Height 193.04 cm
Weight 85.72 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Charles stands tall, and broad, with a heavily muscled build, short, military cropped hair with hints of salt in the dark pepper, and a matching, well-maintained beard. He is of mixed African and Asian heritage, which is shown in many of the features on his face. He has a deep, booming voice, with a slight hint of a South African accent, and is left-handed.

When on duty Charles is almost always perfectly dressed, in a suit, and tie, often in darker shades of blue, or brown, and with little to no jewelry. Off duty, he is much the same, still preferring to be dressed to impress, and to be ready to go at a moment’s notice if something calls him back to the office.


Spouse Lidia Robinson (57 - Retired Starfleet)
Children Andre Robinson (27 - Starfleet)
Father Charles Andrew Robinson
Mother Andrea Michelle Robinson
Brother(s) Matthew Robinson

Personality & Traits

General Overview Charles is an imposing man, with a stoic personality, a sense of elegance to him, and a way with words that makes him quite persuasive. He is also, at heart, a kind man, with a sense of integrity that runs incredibly deep, and pervades every aspect of his life. He has a love for order, and rule of law that have guided him through his career, and will continue to do so long after he has retired.
Strengths & Weaknesses Intelligent
Quick Witted
Driven and Ambitious
Embraces Change and Innovation
Can be cold and calculating
Will do what is right no matter who it may hurt, including himself
Doesn’t trust people easily
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Charles’ driving ambition is to ensure that the rule of law, and the sanctity of the Federation charter are upheld at all times, and at all costs. To fail either of those, in his mind, would be to fail the entire Federation and the ideals it was founded on, and for which so many beings had given their lives.
Charles’ biggest hobby, besides his work, is chess. He has been a fan of the game, as it is traditionally played, on a two-dimensional surface, since he was a child. It helped him to develop a quick mind, and a tactical view of problems and solutions, from an early age. He also enjoys reading, especially historical non-fiction, and biographies, of various figures from the history of worlds across the Federation. When he has the free time Charles is also an avid gardener and enjoys cooking with fresh produce, and enjoying the fruits of his labors, sharing them with his family, and friends.

Service Record Charles was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, on May 17th, 2331, to Charles and Andrea Robinson. His father, Charles was a Commodore in Starfleet, and his mother Andrea, was a Nurse, also in Starfleet. He was the second child of the couple, and his brother, Matthew was nearly a decade older. At the age of ten, Charles would leave Earth, along with his parents, moving to a starbase, where they would live together for the next eight years. His brother, already in Starfleet Academy, would remain on Earth.

From that point on Charles’ life would change drastically. Going from a large school, with many friends, most of them human, he would suddenly find himself in an environment almost entirely based on diversity. While he would still attend school, the people he was surrounded by would be from vastly different cultures, some Vulcan, some Human, even a few of the more exotic races, like Denobulans, and Caitians. It was a struggle for him to adapt, but a struggle he truly enjoyed.

It was also during this time that Charles would get to really see what it was his father did as a Commodore. He had heard him describe his job before, but he’d never truly understood it, until he was able to be in closer proximity to the work. He would see him in various areas of the station, performing the duties given to him by Starfleet as a member of the Security arm of the Operations division. He would read the public reports of the efforts of the Security teams, in investigating, and bringing justice, and over the years of time on that Starbase, a deep-seated love for law and order, and for serving the people of the Federation blossomed inside him.

When Charles finalized his education, at the age of eighteen, he already had in mind what he wished to do with his life from that point forward. Approaching his father he discussed entering Starfleet with him, and the two of them, with his mother’s blessings, filled out Charles’ application to sit the entrance exam. Two months later would find him en route back to Earth to do just that, and then the waiting began.

He had been back on the Starbase with his parents for nearly a week and a half before the official scores were available, and the day they arrived was a joyous one for all of them, as they learned of his acceptance to the next session of the Academy, starting in less than three weeks.

For the second time in his life, Charles found himself readying to leave all that he knew behind him, but this time including all those he loved and cared for as well. He faced it stoically, as he had always been taught to do by his father, and focused all of his energy and attention on simply being the best he could be at everything he did.

His time at the Academy was a breath of fresh air to him. He quickly enfolded himself in the discipline and the routine of daily life as a cadet. He excelled in his courses, with the odd exceptions, such a xenolinguistics, and spent the four years building connections, and a reputation as an upstanding young officer. When the time came for his graduation his entire family was there to watch, his older brother, now a Lieutenant in the Science division even showed up, giving him a beautiful gift to commemorate the event.

After graduation Charles was assigned as a junior security officer aboard the USS Appomattox. He was assigned to the brig, as a guard, and while he found the work tedious, and more than a little boring, it gave him time to apply his mind to extension courses, and to reading reports that otherwise, he may have been too busy to get to. Because of this, within three years, he found himself being pulled in as an unofficial part of the Security Investigations team.

Over the next two years, completing out his first five-year mission Charles would work his way from Ensign to Lieutenant J.G, not quite as high as he’d hoped, but admirable nonetheless, and would officially be assigned as a deputy investigations officer under the ship’s Security Investigations Officer, assisting with various routine matters of investigation aboard the ship, and ensuring that said investigations were handled efficiently, and appropriately, so that they could be brought before the JAG when possible.

From there Charles’ career would skyrocket. His next assignment to the USS Davidoff would last nearly fifteen years and see him attain the rank of Lieutenant Commander, and the position of Chief of Security before he was finally up for reassignment. Choosing to undergo full-bridge officer certification prior to reassignment was a momentous move in his career, and would lead to his next assignment being to the USS Vega, as her Chief Security Officer and Second officer.

His assignment to the USS Vega would continue for another five years, seeing him rise to the challenge of being the 2XO with aplomb and dignity, as well as a sense of pride. He would watch as his Commanding Officer was promoted to Commodore, and his Executive Officer was promoted in her stead. While he turned down the XO spot at that time, he would learn much from the change of hands, that would go on to form him into a more competent officer, and ready him for his own step up nearly five years later, when he transferred to the USS Lorelai, as her Executive Officer.

He was forty-six at the time, and his assignment to the Lorelai would be a short one, with him having to take command of her during an emergency situation which left the ship’s commanding officer fatally injured. His actions saved the lives of the crew, and the ship, and found him being promoted again, to full Commander, and being placed as the commanding officer of the USS Sarajevo as the Lorelai was decommissioned for extensive damage. He would serve as the CO of the Sarajevo for fourteen years, eventually attaining the rank of Captain.

It was in 2387 that Charles was approached by the Director fo the Federation Marshall Service, and offered a position as his assistant. He had known Charles’ father, and had also followed Charles’ career with some interest, and felt he would be a good addition to his team. At first, Charles was hesitant. Starfleet was all he’d known, almost all of his life. He wasn’t sure he would be able to transition to a much more civilian role, even one in the Marshall Service, but, never one to shrink from a challenge, he decided to take the plunge.

Over the next five years, he would work closely with the Director, learning the ins and outs of the Federation Marshall Service, and how they did their jobs. He would serve in a few lesser roles, to acquaint himself with their everyday responsibilities, and help him understand their importance, all the while unwittingly being groomed for something he had never expected.

On March 7, 2393, the Director of the Federation Marshall Service announced his retirement, and his nomination to the Council of Charles Andrew Robinson II to be his successor. Within two months the nomination was both accepted, and ratified, with the required votes to place him into the position, which he has held with distinction to this day.