Elizabeth Carter

Name Elizabeth Carter

Position Chief of Staff


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Risian
Birthdate 03-03-2348

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Weight 140 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description While she was short in stature, she is in excellent physical shape which she has maintained from her time in Starfleet where physical fitness standards needed to be met regularly. She however preferred lean muscle over bulk, retaining her hourglass shape over putting on bulk muscle. Having been trained in intelligence she is able to present herself in different ways through acting and fashion to elicit responses she wants. She is aware the power her physical appearance can have and is highly skilled in using it.


Spouse Captain Mina Carter
Children Trisha Carter (10), Alexa Carter (8)
Father Harold Carter (Deceased)
Mother Mara Carter (Deceased)
Brother(s) Captain Jim Carter (32), Dr Thomas Carter (43)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Being born on Risa she had an easy going and liberal upbringing and was a pretty laid back person. She has maintained most of this upbringing through her career and maintained her sexual outlook on the world, she did not want to be pigeon holed into a label she was open to all experiences. Growing up she helped her family who ran a resort on Risa, it was here where she developed her ability to deal with people even when they where angry. Soon she was being called upon by the staff to be the problem solver, she had a way with people that calmed them down and made them easier to deal with. Some thought it was magic but in actual fact it was hard work studying people and figuring out how to disarm them mentally.

These skills would be honed and expanded upon when she got to the academy and in her career afterwards. She is calm under pressure always looking for a way to disarm a situation and as in her Starfleet career if she had to resort to violence she had failed in what she was doing. She is a pretty diplomatic person always seeking to keep everyone as happy as she could while still achieving either her personal goals or those of her position. She broke from the tradition of her family being the first to attend the academy and feels the weight of expectation to achieve. In her new job she is warm and welcoming as she is no longer trying to deceive people even if she has to be diplomatic in her mays still.

She is proud not just of her achievements but of her wife and family. She is not boastful about her family but she covered her desk with mementoes of their success from pictures to paintings and much more. Family was very important to her and was a major reason for her leaving Starfleet for something a little less risky.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Diplomatic Acumen: Years of training have given her a breadth and depth of knowledge on decorum and protocols and how to handle herself in tricky situations.

Contacts: She has a contacts in many places allowing her to get up to date information without drawing attention due to her previous career.

Starfleet career: She had 20 years of experience in Starfleet which showed a level of discipline and ability.

Family: Her family is everything to her and she would do just about anything to protect them.

Laid Back: sometimes she can come across as relaxed in stressful situations which can aggravate people

Selfish Worker: She doesn’t like to share her work before it is ready which can lead to her doing more work than she should when it could be handed to a junior researcher
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests A lot of her goals in life have already been met but going forward she wants to see her children reach their goals and she will do everything she can to get them where they want to go in life. Helping them with their studies and supporting whatever interests they have and supporting them going forward in their lives.

She wasn’t a politician and had no interest in becoming one but she wanted to help make the federation as safe and prosperous as she can and working for the President did that. She advised the very top of the government and that mattered and would have an impact. She joined Starfleet to try and make things better and she did it she worked hard and helped make things better but as she got older she knew that Starfleet was not for her any longer.

After leaving the intelligence world she found she had a passion for making and designing clothes, which was something she had done in the field to change her clothes and look when needed. She designed and made small numbers of clothes mostly for her and her family but sometimes gifted them to others. She had been asked if she wanted to make a run of it but she just did it as a way of clearing her mind.

Service Record 0-18
Elizabeth was born on Risa and raised, to Harold and Mara who where resort owners and ran a full service resort where people coming to visit could get anything they wanted that was legal to have on site. Elizabeth grew up learning the family business as it was expected she would take over running it in the future but as she grew up and more and more Starfleet personel came to Risa and she saw and heard the stories they would tell about travelling the universe and helping others. She was smitten and started to plan how she would be able to join up.

Working in the family business a few things became apparent to her the first was she was a people person and was able to mostly calm down a situation and defuse tension when needed but she also was aware that in the very few occasions she was involved in a physical altercation it had not turned out well. Her small stature was a big limit in these situations as no matter how much she trained a man who was reasonably trained would always best her as they had 60lbs on her. So knowing this she worked on her skills to make them the best she could. She worked hard in her studies at school made sure she had good enough grades to get into the academy.
Her application was accepted, and she was sent to a preparatory course which she was able to complete to a high enough standard that she was able to progress to the academy. She moved to earth to attend the main academy.

18-24 (academy)
On her first day in the academy she knew this was going to be even harder than she thought it was going to be and not because the courses where harder or the vast number of different species that attended the academy because she was used to that. What she had not expected was the serious rigidity of the environment, while if she had reflected more she would have drew the conclusion.

Elizabeth was a hard worker but she didn’t shine in any one field but was able to get high grades in a disparate series of classes that seemed to have little in common. She was excellent in her psychology class and forensic psychology to the point her lecturers and year supervisor thought she might become a counsellor but didn’t seem to take to. She also did well in Xenolinguistics , anthropology xenobiology so they thought she might be suited to a science role but as with the counsellor role didn’t seem to cope with other aspects of the course. She then scored well in Survival strategies, strategies, Diplomacy and advanced tactics which would have indicated a talent for security but her previous training had showed her physical ability and presence to be lacking so to be unsuited for this role.

As she was approaching the end of her four years she didn’t have a clear speciality so was likely going to end up being assigned to something unspecific which would extremely limit her ability to advance. She was approached by a man who said his boss wished to have a meeting with her, as he was inside the academy she thought it must be someone official. In fact she thought he was a civilian working for the Dean and she was going to be told she was done at the academy as she had not found a department to go into.

However as she walked behind the man suddenly becoming aware she was moving further and further away from the main spaces of the academy moving through corridors in a winding pattern and found herself standing at a door, the man she had been following waved her into the room. She walked through the doors, it was a sparse office with no life to it and she suspected it had been thrown together for this purpose.

When she entered she was met by a man wearing the uniform of a commodore but with a grey trim she was not used to. She wasn’t sure what it stood for as she had not been exposed to lots of uniformed Starfleet personnel when she grew up and it was not covered in her academy training. She sat in the chair the man indicated, he took a few minutes to size her up before looking at the screen before him and speaking, “Miss Carter it has come to our attention that you have no clear path in academy, you have skills in areas that don’t combined together to make a whole lot of anything.” He spoke with a thick southern US accent, “But that’s what drew you to our attention, we want to offer you a position inside our organisation and your broad skills will help you greatly.” Liz nodded her head unsure what was going on but if someone wanted her that was a good thing right.
The man smiled and continued, “We want to extend your time at the academy for 2 years but you won’t continue here you will come to our facility on Mars.” Liz was unsure what was going on but wanted to do something that mattered and if this man thought she would be good at it then she was on board. “Fine, when do I leave.” The man smiled, he didn’t like those who asked too many questions, “Tonight.”

The next day she was on Mars and was inducted into the operative training program, it was intense, she was taught how to blend into a crowd, how to disguise herself no only physically but to a scanner too. She was taught counter torture techniques and methods of survival as well as best ways to cultivate assets. By the time she was ready to graduate the tension with the dominion was intensifying and it looked like she was going to get dropped in the deep end.

24-34 (Intelligence Officer)
In 2372 the Cardassian central command had been toppled and Starfleet intelligence (SFI) used this as impetus to install a series of spies one of which was Liz, they where inserted in several places in cardassian society. Managing to gain a role inside the Cardassian Information service, it was not the intelligence service but it did give her access to some of the inner workings and might allow her to be in a position to move on given the right series of events to propagate.

She was able to trap large volumes of communication and pass them back to her handlers to analyse, most of them where mundane and useless but their was the occasional kernel of information that was able to be acted on either to advance another agent or foil plans. However by 2373 the Cardassians joined the Dominion. This made their positions on Cardassia much more difficult, however they had a job to do and Liz moved up her role to handle more important communication paths. However the new dominion overlords didn’t trust as easily so when information was leaked they investigated. Liz was able to throw them of her scent a few times but was caught in a trap when she passed off communications the dominion had made sure she was the only person to have access to and when the Starfleet teams acted on it she was imprisoned.

Between mid 2374 and the end of the dominion war she was tortured and put on labour camps moved about and abused so much she was unsure of where she was and what day it was. It was in an attempt to break her but she had ingrained her that she believed it was who she was. By the time the war ended and prisoners where released she was a shell of her former self. Commodore Harris the man who had recruited her 5 years before came to see her telling her she would be given time to recover then given her pick of jobs she wanted after that even if it was not in Intelligence.

Over the next year of her rehabilitation Liz was rebuilt physically and mentally, she had extensive PTSD and needed long term deconditioning. Her journey to recover was a long and bumpy one, her physical health returned relatively quickly but her mental health required longer but with the help of SFI Drs she was able to get back to herself, if a little more scarred mentally and physically. As promised to her she was given her pick of assignments and chose another long term assignment where she was undercover in various external places to gather current intelligence. She was known for getting into places that had been traditionally hard to get too. After 9 years in intelligence she was placed on the USS Endeavour as Lieutenant Commander as the Chief Intelligence officer to assist the Captain Mina Cooper. It was love at first site and the two fell in love and after a year of dancing round the issue, Liz requested a transfer to the diplomatic service where she would have a less dangerous existence and would be allowed to start a relationship with Mina.
34-44 (Diplomatic Officer)
On her last day on Mina’s ship she asked her out on a date, they had their date on earth a few weeks later and they both decided this was something serious. Within a year they where married and happily in love. Liz worked on a lot of diplomatic negotiations not as the primary but as an advisor based on her intelligence training and knowledge. Mina and Liz decided a year into their marriage to adopt a girl Trisha who would become the light of their lives. Trisha was orphaned by an accident which had killed her biological family and they took Trisha in because they wanted a child and the timing seemed to be like fate wanted them to take the child in. She was not their blood but she was most definitely theirs, they made a promise to each other that they would give Trisha the best life they could.

Over her decade service in the Diplomatic service she was a part of several important deals and was able to advance up the ranks to captain but as her career became longer she started to lose her love for working for Starfleet. She felt she was going through the motions but she was unsure if it was because she was no longer having the excitement of her time in SFI or simply she was getting older and now having adopted a second child Alexa that she in fact didn’t want to be travelling she wanted to give them stability. So after a decade of service in the Diplomatic service she resigned her commission, unsure of what she was going to do forward she started asking her friend and former colleagues if they knew of any jobs that she might be suited too.

A few of them had recommended perhaps becoming an advisor to a politician as often they didn’t have a good understanding of the actual landscape of the universe or understand truly how Starfleet worked if they had not served in it. Liz thought it was an interesting idea and heard through her grape vine that the Council member for Risa was looking for a security advisor and was hoping to appoint a Risian so they would be of a similar mind in what was best for Risa. Liz was not sure she shared the same philosophy as her elected official but she did speak for her people so how bad could she be.

44- present (Advisor)

Liz met with Ardranis who seemed like a reasonable and level headed woman. Liz didn’t interview for the position but had a meeting with the council woman so they could judge if they would be able to work together. She thought they could and the next day they got to work, Liz was never really sure when she was to interject but found herself only speaking when she felt something was going of the rails after all she was not here to change policy just advice on galaxy wide issues or matters where knowledge might change how the problem was seen.

A year working for the council woman showed Liz that this was a rewarding and less stressful job, sure she had to work long hours sometimes but she got to put her kids to sleep most nights and make them breakfast in the morning and few jobs could guarantee her that kind of joy. Over the year she started to feel her input was becoming more and more ignored as the council woman seemed to have her own ideas on what was going on and didn’t want to take any feedback. It was then she felt it was no longer going to be in her or Risa’s best interest for her to continue, she was a bomb and Liz was not going to be associated with her when she exploded. She wasn’t a politician but even she could see that would be career suicide, don’t go down with the ship after you see the hull breaches.

The presidential elections happened and a new president was appointed and it came out they where looking for a lot of staff positions. Liz put her name forward for the security advisors job thinking it was at least worth a shot not really thinking she would be appointed due to her lack of political chops, even if she had an extensive career in Starfleet this wasn’t Starfleet. She got an interview which seemed to go well and got another which also seemed to go well then she didn’t hear anything for a couple weeks so thought she must not have got it and just as she was about to start looking for other positions she received a communication telling her to start in a few days.