Secretary Annita Rem

Name Annita Rem

Position Secretary of Intergalactic Affairs

Rank Secretary


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill, Joined
Birthdate September 2, 2338

Physical Appearance

Height 1.78 m
Weight 65 kg
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Annita has an athletic build and is quite particular about her appearance, she has always thought it was important to look the part. She has an artificial left leg having lost hers while a Dominion POW.


Father Commander Hendrin Collasun, Starfleet Retired - Currently residing on Trill
Mother Justice Layta Collasun, Puisne Justice - Supreme Court of Trill
Brother(s) Captain Ellrin Collasun, Commanding Officer - USS London
Sister(s) Doctor Rennea Nava, Chief of Surgery - Belanna University Health Campus
Other Family Doctor Cassen Nava, Director of Outpatient Care - Belanna University Health Campus (Brother-in-Law)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rem is a strong woman who is known to get things done. A Starfleet Captain, civl servant and now politician she doesn't shy away from a challenge. She states her mind but has a collaborative leadership style, however once the decision is made she expects her staff to support it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Joined with the Rem symbiont she has the memories of five previous lifetimes. Three of these were spent mainly in Starfleet. However the wealth of experience has served her well. A keen tactical mind and the ability to study and retain large amounts of information quickly both have benefited her.
Despite her abilities and successes she is often still insecure her about herself and haunted by the loss of her ship.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Professionally she has begun to consider future political office, potentially returning to Trill. A member of the Federalists she has even been mentioned as a possibly contender for the Presidency in the future.

She enjoyed rugby, tennis, and hiking, as well as reads regularly everything from the latest bestsellers to historic fiction and biographies.

Service Record Annita Collasun was born on Trill, her mother a prominent attorney and her father a Starfleet officer who retired shortly after Annita's birth to raise the children. Annita the second of three children the couple would have. Her parents both successful had very high standards for the children.

The decision when she graduated high school was some form of post secondary. She opted for her father's path into Starfleet, but unlike her father she opted for security. Her mother was not entirely supportive of the choice of major, as she was concerned of the risk, having lost her own brother in Starfleet. Her academy years were marked with coming into her own finally having her space from her parents. She joined the Academy Rugby team and rose to Captain it in her final year and winning the planet final. When she graduated she was assigned to the USS Teko'Lona, a Nebula-class ship operating along the Romulan boarder. Her first year here impressed her superiors so much that when the her Chief was promoted to XO and new Chief promoted her to replace themselves as Deputy.

Promoted to Lieutenant and now Deputy Chief aboard a starship she was accepted into the Trill joining program. She scored highly on all the entrance testing although one of the reviewers was concerned she was coming to the process relatively later than most. Her request to continue her Starfleet service during her training also raised some eyebrows. 16 months later she was reassigned to the Galaxy-class USS Avalon as Chief Tactical Officer and promoted to full Lieutenant. The assignment came with a redeployment to Cardassian boarderland, the ship was involved in a boarder skirmish less than a month on station. Two years later her promotion to Lieutenant Commander and Chief Tactical Officer was bittersweet as it came on the heels of her mentor and former Chief's death in an ambush from a pair of Galor-class ships.

Two months after the promotion she was joined with the Rem symbiont, she had some concerns as she knew the stories of peoples personalities changing after joining, luckily for her the Rem symbiont had served several life times in Starfleet and if anything her professional career accelerated. Two years later she was promoted to full Commander, after just over three years at Lt Commander. In addition to the Chief Security Tactical Officer she was made second officer aboard the Nebula-class Brisbane.

Within two years she replaced the XO who was promoted to Captain following Captain Reinhardt's promotion to Commodore. Her two years as XO were marked with increasingly combat assignments, including just missing by hours being part of the Battlegroup at Wolf 359, which saw the destruction of her sister ship the Melbourne.

As Starfleet pushed to increase its fleet, as tensions with many powers were rising she was one of many to quickly be promoted to Captain. Earning her fourth pip in 2370 she took command of the newly commissioned USS Churchill a Steamrunner-class. The Churchill was deployed to the Cardassian region, and occasionally into the Gamma Quadrant. Then the war broke out, and the Churchill found itself deployed to the front line.

In mid 2374 the Churchill was on patrol, it was assumed lost with all hands. Three months later, it was discovered that Captain Rem and six of her crew survived, they were captured and being held in a Dominion prison. Her recovery lasted months, having lost her leg and sustaining a multitude of other injuries.

She was discharged Christmas Day 2374, returning to Trill to continue her recovery. After the end of the war, and still debating what to do next she was approached by Ambassador Troi of Betazed and offered an Ambassadorship on Cartogia. The planet was along the Cardassian boarder and had been run by a puppet government of the Cardassian Union for more than a decade before becoming a Dominion possession in the war. The now free republic was seeking Federation assistance in rebuilding, and the Federation wanted an ambassador who knew the region, knew Starfleet, and could effectively coordinate relief operations.

Her tenure was brief only 11 months before being scooped up by Secretary of Intergalactic Affairs Pe'tiiog as an advisor, mainly in the policy area. Rem realized during her time that she loved politics, and policy. She left the Secretary's office to become the Deputy Undersecretary for Cardassian Regional Affairs in the department. Rising two years later to Undersecretary. A promising bureaucratic future ahead of her she was headhunted by Councillor Mayta Vall of her native Trill to join the Councillor's staff as her Chief Policy Advisor, with a promise to mentor her and support her in the future should decided on a political run of her own.

The two women became very close, a year later she was promoted to Vall's Chief of Staff. Rem enjoyed the work, and was learning the ins and outs of politics when tragedy struct. The Councillor's transport was destroyed, pilot error was believed to be the cause. There were no survivors. Rem wrought with survivors guilt as she was intended to be on the craft. A last minute breakthrough on a bill the Councillor was sponsoring meant Rem had instead remained on Earth to iron out the details and secure co-sponsors.

A week after the memorial the President of Trill called Rem, he intended to nominate her to succeed Vall as Trill's Federation Councillor. Under the planet's constitution, the Federation Councillor was elected for a four year term, if the office was vacated with less than 20 months remaining in the term the planet's President nominated a replacement ratified by a parliamentary vote.

Rem was endorsed by 70% of the parliament, one of the highest approval votes in a decade. She would serve the 13 months remaining in the term. In 2385 she was elected to a full four year term in her own right, and reelected in 2389. Nearing the end of her second term, having already announced her intention to seek a third she was approached by President Iden Morr, the President wanted to nominate Councillor Rem to serve as the next Secretary of Intergalactic Affairs.

2338 - Born on Trill
2356 - Starfleet Academy, Security Speciality
2360 - Ensign, Security Officer - USS Teko'Lona
2361 - Lieutenant JG, Deputy Chief Security / Tactical Officer - USS Teko'Lona
2363 - Lieutenant, Chief Tactical Officer - USS Avalon
2365 - Lieutenant Commander, Chief Tactical Officer - USS Avalon
2367 - Commander, Second Officer and Chief Security / Tactical Officer - USS Brisbane
2368 - Commander, Executive Officer - USS Brisbane
2370 - Captain, Commanding Officer - USS Churchill
2373 - Missing in Action
2374 - Medical Discharge, Leave of Absence
2375 - Ambassador to Cartogia
2376 - Advisor to Secretary Pe'tiiog
2377 - Deputy Undersecretary for Cardassian Regional Affairs
2379 - Undersecretary for Cardassian Regional Affairs
2380 - Appointed Chief Policy Advisor to Councillor Mayta Vall
2381 - Appointed Chief of Staff to Councillor Mayta Vall
2384 - Appointed to fill the last 13 months of Councillor Mayta Vall's term
2385 - Elected to serve first full term.
2389 - Reelected for a second full term.
2393 - Nominated to serve as Secretary of Intergalactic Affairs