Eniara Pol

Name Eniara Pol

Position Chief of Staff


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Birthdate 2345

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 120lbs
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description A petite woman of five foot six inches and 120 pounds, Eniara probably weighs less than she should and her slight frame makes her look quite fragile – she does have broad shoulders but a tiny waist line. She is an attractive, and often unattainable, woman. Her emotion filled eyes are well accompanied by full, pale red lips and auburn, layered hair making her almost identical to her mother at a similar age. Physically well kept and slim, the Minister frequents the gym in order to remain physically fit.


Father Ishaan Pol - Died at Gallitep Forced Labour Camp, 2369
Mother Luma Pol - Died at Gallitep Forced Labour Camp, 2369

Personality & Traits

General Overview Considered to be an up and coming, progressive politician by those on the homeworld at the time of being elected to office on New Bajor, Eniara Pol oversaw the survival of the Gamma Quadrant colony during the Consortium conflict and successfully fought a new election to retain her seat as Governor.

Eniara is the epitome of the phrase “appearances can be deceptive”. Her slender frame and emotional eyes may make her look petite and even fragile but she is far from that. Strong willed with a feisty temper, this woman takes after her father and is full of emotion and is deceptively strong. She is intent on carving out her legacy as a politician and desperate to see her people through difficult times. As her confidence has grown she has become more relaxed and vocal in. She has always been very well mannered, though can be prone to a quick temper from time to time. She almost always bears a smile and a warm, gleeful aura, helping to comfort and relax those around her, luring them into a false sense of calm. Her charisma ensures that her reputation typically precedes her wherever she goes, though she has been known to let this affect her personal relationships and has probably resulted in her remaining single to date.

Tenacious, determined and resolute, Eniara has never shied away from a challenge and will often sacrifice her own well-being in order to achieve her goals. She is very methodical in her work and prefers time to think things through before acting. If she thinks an opinion or suggestion is wrong, she is not afraid to say so and like most politicians, she has a sizeable ego. But behind her strong exterior she is the kindest, most caring person to her friends and fiercely loyal to her colleagues, but she is definitely not to be trifled with.
Strengths & Weaknesses With a strong understanding of linguistics and history, Eniara's skill set perfectly enables her to work as a politician. On the surface, she is cool, calm and collected and that shows in public meetings and when engaging with the populace. She is seen to be charismatic and that helps her to engage with the electorate. A progressive politician, she hopes to build bridges between the Bajoran's and the Cardassians. Her confidence helps her in negotiations and she has been known to be quite stubborn when dealing with other politicians. She knows how to get what she wants and will stop at nothing until she gets it.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Eniara had never shied away from the fact that she wanted to be a leader for her people, so it was no surprise when she entered politics after the Occupation. Since moving to New Bajor in the early 2380's, the First Minister had hoped to settle down at last and make a home and family on the Colony, but moving back to Bajor in 2388 as First Minister changed all that. Her role as First Minister was the highlight of her career to date and was where she was most happy, answering the call of her beloved Prophets.

Now she is on Earth as part of the successful Presidential campaign for her friend, ___, Eniara can turn her own attention to one day standing for the Presidency of the Federation.

Eniara enjoys nothing more than a visit to the Jalanda Forum to take in music concerts, poetry or dramatic readings from Bajor's newest artists. She also enjoys frequenting Deep Space Nine where she likes to watch ships pass through the Wormhole. When off world, she does her best to expose people to the wonders of her planet and, hopefully, improve the planets reputation.

Service Record The daughter of Luma and Ishaan Pol, Eniara was born on Bajor in 2345 during the Cardassian Occupation of her homeworld. She grew up in the Kendra Valley Province where her family were farmers and did their best to survive without drawing too much attention to themselves. At the time, there were rumours that the Pol family were collaborating in order to survive, but the true reason for their survival would be revealed years later.

A simple life didn't stop Eniara from dreaming big and when she was just fifteen, she shocked her parents by revealing that she wanted to be a leader of her people; no mean feat for a young girl living under the oppression of a foreign power. Unbeknown to her parents, Eniara had made friends with a local family, the Tal family and their youngest boy, Garen. Garen was nearly eighteen and a member of the Shakaar Resistance cell. When her parents found out, they were furious but she was determined to help the Resistance with or without their help. It was then that her parents revealed that the Cardassians had left them alone because they gave up vast amounts of their crops and livestock to their Cardassian overseers, but at the same time, they had been sneaking supplies to the Resistance. By providing for the Cardassians, the Pol family had been allowed to retain their land, thus allowing them to continue to supply the Resistance. For a short while, Eniara saw her parents as hypocrites, but she realised that they had made a choice to help the Resistance but wanted a better future for their daughter; she, however, was just as determined as them. Whilst her friend Garen became an active participant in resistance movements, bombings and even assassinations of Cardassian occupiers, Eniara would provide medical care, cook and look after the members of the Cell. She had become a beautiful, resourceful young woman and exceptionally bright. By the time she was 20 (in 2365) Eniara had helped plan several Resistance operations but always refused to take part. Directly killing people, even Cardassians, was not her way - but the same could not be said for her friend. Tal had switched allegiances from the Shakaar and had joined the Kohn-Ma Terrorist Group, opposed to all outside influence on Bajor. Their actions were extreme, but helped take some of the focus off of the Shakaar for a while.

When she was 22, both her parents were discovered transporting supplies to the Resistance and were sent to Gallitep, a forced labour camp run by a tyrant named Gul Darhe'el. It was there that her parents would die and she would never again see them alive.

In mid-2369 the Cardassians finally withdrew from Bajor after over fifty years of occupation and Eniara hoped she could finally be reunited with her family. She was to be sorely disappointed. Shortly after the withdrawal, Gul Darhe’el ordered the killing of all Bajorans in Gallitep, including her parents. When the camp was eventually liberated, the air was filled with the scent of devastation, destruction and death. Her parents bodies were found among a group of twenty prisoners who had all been shot in a mass killing. But, in a true act of defiance in the face of utter hatred, the pair had died, holding hands and very much in love. Whilst most reacted to the atrocities at Gallitep with fury, Eniara found herself able to take solace in the fact that her parents had died together, unlike so many others who had been separated from their loved ones.

Upon the conclusion of the Occupation, Eniara found herself a job, her first proper job, as an administrative aide to Minister Josa Helain of the Provisional Government. Under the tutelage of the Minister, Eniara learnt all she could about politics and the strife of her people in the current climate. By 2377, she was working with senior members of the Bajoran Government, including First Minister Asarem Wadeen. By the time of the next election in 2382, Eniara was working as the First Minister's Chief of Staff and had been instrumental in her successful re-election campaign. Eniara was also by the First Minister's side during the final stages of the negotiation process for Bajor's admittance into the Federation.

As another new era dawned for her people, Eniara began a new journey of her own. She travelled to New Bajor in the Gamma Quadrant where she stood for election in their elections. Whilst she was unsuccessful in getting enough votes to assume any of the leadership roles in the government, she was made Secretary of Trade and Commerce by her predecessor, Governor Trialus Ren of Betazed. Upon the Governors death in late 2387, the Council of Mayors appointed an Acting Governor to see out the rest of Ren's tenure in office until the scheduled election in 2388. Eniara, who had again worked closely with the Governor until his death, took the oath of office and ruled as Acting Governor.

Prior to the Consortium attack on the planet, the Government of New Bajor had been a tri-partisan system that was made up of three councils. The Executive Council had been made up of the Governor and each Commonwealth Supervisor. The Council of Mayors was made up of the mayors of each city serving as part of it in order to vote on legislative matters chaired by the Lieutenant Governor. The Council of Advisors was the third and final branch of the government serving as an advisory board for both councils if so requested. The Council of Advisors served at the pleasure of the Governor and were in charge of an Executive Agency or Department.

During her time in office, New Bajor was decimated by the Consortium uprising against Starfleet. But, to her great credit and with her reputation going from strength to strength, Eniara Pol guided the populace to survival with promises of hope and reform.

As New Bajor rose from the ashes of the old once again, Governor Eniara Pol announced the formation of a new government structured similarly to the Federation Council. Officials from five parties would stand for election to the new government as Delegates (or Junior Delegates if newly elected to a position) with the leader of the political party to hold the majority announced as Governor and leader of the ruling Quorum. Each settlement, whether a major city or a fledgling village, would elect a Delegate to government to ensure every citizens views were heard.

Elections for the new government took place in late 2388 and 179 Delegates were elected to office. The UFP Federalist Party. which Eniara Pol led into the election, won 79 seats and became the majority seat holder in the government. Governor Pol had won but her party had not won enough seats to command an overall majority. Eniara was faced with two prospects, neither of which she had wanted. Her first option was to call a second election for later in the year, whilst her second option was to form a coalition government with another party to assist her. She opted not to plunge the planet into further turmoil with a second election and instead formed a risky, but progressive coalition with the Populist People’s Party.

Governor Eniara Pol retained her position as leader of the Quorum and therefore, the government. She had shown herself to be a progressive leader in the Coalition talks, opting to join with Broitt Khora, leader of the Populist People’s Party. Khora was, as many noted, a Cardassian. Years of hatred and distrust had been put aside and he was appointed Lieutenant Governor. This agreement allowed the Governor the chance to seek the reform she had wanted for the planet, but the Prophet's seemed to have another path for Governor to take.

Back on Bajor, a crisis was developing. First Minister Asarem Wadeen, who had won her third and final term in office in Bajor's 2388 elections, was facing rebellion from her Ministers over her handling of the relations with the Cardassian Union. The matter of relations with the Union had taken a nose dive when a number of Bajoran workers who had been part of the relief efforts in Cardassian space were wrongly arrested and held, without representation, for the murder of a Cardassian government official. Asarem faced intense pressure from the people to bring the workers home, with many fearing the punishments they might get would bring back memories of the occupation. Asarem worked with the Federation Council to try and come to a solution, but the Cardassian Justice Ministry was determined to try the workers based off of the evidence they had gathered. Asarem agreed to the trials, and even had the backing of Kai, the religious leader of Bajor. But, uncharacteristically for their people, the populace were in uproar and turned on the First Minister and the Kai, with many calling for new leadership and even protests against the lack of assistance from the Federation Council. Asarem was old and had been First Minister for more than ten years, secretly agreeing with the masses that change might be what the planet needed.

Protests had broken out across Bajor and were only halted when, the backing of the Kai, Asarem announced her resignation as First Minister and called a new election. Parties from across Bajor rushed to field candidates in the new election, hoping to bring about the change that many desired after a decade of Asarem's leadership. Considered to be a far more progressive politician than most, not to mention younger than most candidates who were expected to stand for the role of First Minister, Eniara was recalled to Bajor at the behest of Kai Lishan and was urged to stand for the highest political office on Bajor. Untarnished by some of the recent issues to plague the Asarem Administration, the Kai, along with many in the influential Vedek Assembly and many of the ruling Federalist party's ministers, saw Eniara as the only person who could bring stability to the planet whilst maintaining the path that Asarem had set them on over ten years ago, a path that they all agreed was the right one and one not to be rejected despite recent failings. Eniara was seen to have the strength of character and resolve necessary to push for what she felt was right and stop at nothing to achieve it. Never one to reject the calling of the Prophets, or her Kai, Eniara agreed to stand for election as the Federalist candidate for First Minister.

Just a month later, Eniara's Federalist Party won a majority of seats in the Chamber of Ministers (even if it wasn't enough to form a ruling government in their own right) but still had to enter into a power sharing agreement with a familiar face, the Populist People's Party. It took her two weeks to assemble a government alongside her new allies, but it was one that proved fruitful. Relentless political wrangling enabled the Bajoran workers to return home, free of charge. With protests dying down and anti-Cardassian sentiments halted, First Minister Eniara was able to work with her colleagues in government to establish new trade routes, universal health care for all, including foreign nationals who had come to live on Bajor and, perhaps to her great credit, she worked alongside the Cardassian Castellan to form the new Justice Commission, a group which would look to bring Cardassian war criminals to justice.

At the end of her first term in office in 2392, Eniara was approached to join the campaign of a well respected fellow Bajoran, and a former minister in the Chamber, Iden Morr, as she campaigned for the Presidency of the United Federation of Planets. Highly ambitious, Eniara saw this as a way to work towards her own goal affecting great change around the Federation and, of one day competing for the Presidency. She opted against standing for re-election on Bajor and joined the campaign, visiting worlds around the Northern Expanse and pushing Iden's agenda of People Before Politics. After a hard fought campaign, Iden pulled off a surprising victory over two other more favoured contenders, with significant support coming from worlds within the Northern Expanse. Eniara was proud to see her friend elected as the first Bajoran to hold the highest job in the Federation and, as a reward for her work, President Iden appointed Eniara as her Chief of Staff.