Ambassador Vaebn Mirok

Name Vaebn Mirok

Position Romulan Ambassador to the United Federation of Planets

Rank Ambassador


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Birthdate 22nd Day of Gleth-Chen

Physical Appearance

Height 6’1”
Weight 180Lbs
Hair Color Dark Chesnut
Eye Color Deep Blue
Physical Description Vaebn is not a physically imposing man. By all accounts he’s rather thin. He wears his hair pushed back.

Often smiling menacingly to himself.


Spouse Jaron S’Teraq
Father Hecxe
Mother Kemara
Brother(s) Drell


Personality & Traits

General Overview Vaebn is a loyal person. Seriously devoted to his work.

He has only one true love, and that is his people.

He has been known to be quite candid, and at times rude.
Strengths & Weaknesses +loyal

Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Vaebn hopes to serve the Empire until his end. In whatever capacity it may be.

He has a keen interest in the alcohols of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants And has a vast collection of fine and rare drinks.

He is also quite proficient with languages, having mastered not only Rihannsu but also Federation Standard, Ferengi, Vulcan, Klingon, Bajoran, and Conversational Gorn

Service Record Vaebn was born to Admiral Hecxe and his wife Kemara in Capital city of the Romulan Star Empire, Ki Baratan.

He and his older brothers are very close in age and we’re raised closely with one another. Their mother died shortly after Vaebn’s birth,and as a result they were raised by their militaristic father and a slew of nannies.

Vaebn’s father was an Admiral and as such was in command of a flotilla charged with patrolling the Neutral Zone.That being said, Vaebn was brought up in a very militaristic environment contributing in large to his strategic mind.

Vaebn and his brothers dutifully followed their father’s example and prepared for military service.As the sons of an Admiral they attended the most prestigious Romulan Military Academy starting at a young age and moved on to the Imperial War College before beginning their Military careers.

Vaebn had decided early on to pursue a posting with the Tal Shiar, and upon his graduation he was assigned as a Junior Attaché to the Chairman. The posting was based entirely on the fact that his Father was an Admiral.

During his time as an Attaché, his days were filled with mostly Administrative duties; assisting the Chairman in his correspondences, accompanying him to the Senate, and other errands the Chairman came up with.

During his time around politics, Vaebn found himself enamoured by the process. He continued to work with the Chairman of the Tal Shiar for 10 more years and then decided that he applied to work with a Senator.

The Senator, a woman name Ketra was hesitant to take him on given his Tal Shiar service and his family’s own prominence. But reluctantly agreed and took Vaebn as an Aide. Her hope was to groom Vaebn to run for Senate himself.

Senator Ketra and Vaebn worked very closely over the next few years. The Senator taught her protégé everything she knew. Vaebn was a sponge for all the knowledge she would impart.

Ketra announced her retirement, alongside two other Senators, and urged Vaebn to campaign to replace her. It was her view that the Senate was in need to new, fresh views to reinvigorate the Empire.

While Vaebn campaigned he learned of his Father’s passing. While the pain pulsed within him, he knew he had to remain focused. Vaebn won a vacant seat on the Senate and his Father’s body was brought to Romulus for a state Funeral.

Drell and D’Darran returned for their respective posts to attend their fathers funeral. All three brothers mourned together, but only for a short while. Drell was set to take a teaching post at the War College and D’Darran had just taken command of a Warbird, Vaebn of course had to return to the Senate. And so the Three Brothers separated for the last time.

He was blindsided when the scientific reports came through his office, indicating the Romulan Star would indeed go supernova within a few years. The topic was the only thing spoken of on the senate floor for months.

The Senate agreed to accept help offered by the Federation. Help that was hotly contested by factions in the Empire and the Federation alike.

The Empire used its resources to begin evacuating the upper echelons of society first, with the belief that if the cataclysmic event claimed Romulan lives the wealthy would be the better choice to repopulate.

The Federation slowly began to assist, while a they assembled a fleet to aide the Romulans en masse. This fleet would be destroyed during the Attack on Mars, causing the Federation to pull their support.

Several new Romulan outposts were established in the Neutral Zone to accommodate the influx of nationals from the core systems.

The supernova far surpassed the scientific projections and Romulus was eviscerated.

As the Empire began to descend into chaos several groups vied for power. The Tal Shiar stepped up to the mantle to back a group of Senators on T’Met. This group became known as the Romulan Free State.

While the former Empire splintered into small states, the Romulan Free State emerged as the largest and most organized.

Vaebn was among the Senators that settled on T’Met. He spent time searching for word of his brothers but found nothing.

As the Free State began to settle into new life Senator Vaebn soon found himself serving in the Diplomatic sector to improve relations between The Free State and the Federation.