Director Winston Hastings

Name Winston C. Hastings

Rank Director


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Birthdate 01/01/2339

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 8"
Weight 80kg
Hair Color Dirty Fair
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Winston Hastings, is all around average. Average height, average weight, with no identifying marks of any kind. As a former Commander in Starfleet Intelligence, he has maintained a personal image that would allow him to blend into any background.


Spouse Elizabeth Hastings, MD
Children Sons
- Ensign Henry Hastings, Security Officer USS Lexington
- Ensign William Hastings, Attache Starfleet Intelligence, London

- Catherine Hastings, Location Unknown.
Father Charles Hastings
Mother Imelda Hastings (nee. Maguiness)
Brother(s) Admiral Albert Hastings (Ret.), Federation Ambassador to The Pakled

Personality & Traits

General Overview Despite growing up in the north of Ireland, Hasting's has a dry whit and a level head from his years of service in Starfleet Intelligence, both as a analyst and operative, but also as an anti-corruption investigator within Internal Affairs. Given the nature of his previous roles, he has gained the vital skill of being to develop a rapport with almost anyone and anything - allowing him to put others at ease very easily.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Levelheaded, operationally minded,
Trustworthy and loyal

Sometimes doesn't filter his thoughts before speaking.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Ambitions
To retire early, doesn't ever believe it will happen.
Hobbies & Interests
Has an impressive weapons collection, enjoys visiting historic battle sites on Federation member worlds.

Service Record A graduate of Starfleet Academy, Hastings was recruited directly into Starfleet Security on the recommendation of his Advanced Ethics Professor. Assigned to the Internal Affairs Anti-Corruption Unit, he spent the first 10 years of his career investigating Statfleet's own bad actors.

Following this decade stint, and having developed a penchant for undercover work, he was then recruited into Starfleet Intelligence as an Operations Analyst, before moving to field work, during the Federation - Dominion War. Following the War, Hastings opted to leave the service and took up a Civilian role, within the Federation Security Agency becoming Deputy Director, Internal Affairs.