Councillor Rajea

Name Rajea

Position Chairperson of the Council

Rank Councillor


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Deltan
Birthdate Ninetieth Day of Vorsath

Physical Appearance

Height 5’11”
Weight 150LBS
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Cerulean
Physical Description Rajea is a statuesque Deltan female.


Father Renji
Mother Jemea

Personality & Traits

Service Record Rajea was born on the Ninetieth Day of Vorsathon in Decron City on Delta IV, to parents Jemea and Renji. Her upbringing was mostly traditional. She was an only child and spent many days watching her parents work in their dress shop both designing clothes and mending garments. During this time she was taught the importance of helping people, her parents would often make clothing to donate to those less fortunate.

When she was still quite young, her parents had their marriage dissolved. This time became tumultuous for the young girl. With the bad blood pooling between her parent's, Rajea watched as the dress shop where she found comfort was fought over and eventually sold. Rajea stayed with her mother, the two moved to an apartment in the city center. Rajea, filled with sadness following her parent’s separation, threw herself into school and excelled. Her grades were good and she exceeded her community support requirement that is the staple of Deltan schooling.

When Rajea was old enough, she applied to the Decron Centre for Higher Learning to study Interpersonal Relations and Languages. After her acceptance she studied for several years and became involved in charity work through a mentor in her program. She spent much of her time consumed with the children’s charity, so much so that when she completed her formal education she was offered a coordinator position with the charity. She gratefully accepted and moved into her role with gusto. In her work she met children who were orphaned and from broken homes which led them to the streets. She encountered so much red tape while trying to help that she was motivated to run for local office.

The election was tough for Rajea, but it ignited a fire in her that she hadn't felt before. She won, and moved into political life rallying for more infrastructure to help the less fortunate in Decrom City. The fire stayed lit in her, a fire that told her she could effect change on a much larger scale. After three years in City level politics, she threw her hat into the ring to fill a vacant seat on the Parliament Delta(The planet’s governing body). It was certainly a new league for Rajea,but she was up for the challenge.

Her unique perspective, and focus on issues that she was passionate about led her to a win, with her becoming the youngest woman ever elected to Parliament. Rajea was a whirlwind on the Parliament floor, being as vocal about her issues as she cared to be. The Grand Presider took notice and frequently called on Rajea to lead sub-committees and take on additional duties. Rajea took on all the experiences she could.

In addition to her duties as a Member of Parliament, Rajea took on roles with the Planetary Security Advisory, the Galactic Affairs Commission, and the Education Commission.

Eventually, Rajea ran for the office of Grand Pesider, the official leader of the council and head of the Deltan Government. She served her people in that capacity for two relatively successful terms, the maximum allowed for a Presider. She graciously stepped down, back into her role as member of the Paliament Delta.

The new Grand Presider, an old friend of Rajea’s, moved to appoint her as the Councilor for Delta IV on the Federation Council. The entirety of Parliament ratified the appointment unanimously. Rajea graciously accepted and prepared to assume her new role. She immediately relocated to Earth.

Now in the political Big League, Rwendra positioned herself to succeed on behalf of Federation citizens and citizens of Delta IV. She worked on whatever projects, and committees she could volunteer for. The fact of the matter was, she loved being in a position to help people.