Secretary Kurt Bergen

Name Kurt Bergen

Rank Secretary


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Birthdate 2325

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11"
Weight 165 lbs
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Kurt has an average height and build about him, age having caught up to him but his posture clearly shows his past career with Starfleet. He is as ready with a stern expression as he is with a smile, and often uses this to his advantage to catch people off guard.


Spouse Capt. Andrea Bergen (ret.) - Wife
Children Captain Logan Bergen - Commanding Officer, USS Ticonderoga - Son
Commander Karl Bergen - Instructor, Starfleet Academy - Son
Lieutenant Colonel Helena Bergen - Chief of Staff, Starfleet Marine Corps Special Operations Command - Daughter
Father Ambassador Julius Bergen (Deceased)
Mother Rear Admiral Sarah Bergen (Deceased)
Brother(s) Doctor Max Bergen - Private Practice Physician, Luna

Personality & Traits

General Overview Formerly an Admiral with Starfleet Command, Kurt Bergen was a natural choice for the role of Secretary of Defensive Operations due to his realistic views of the issues facing the Federation both internally and externally. He knows fully well that there is no chance of returning to the way things used to be before the Dominion War, but he also believes that isolationism and focus only on internal affairs will doom the Federation just as sure as a Dominion victory would have. The trick, however, is that he must champion both a Starfleet that can defend the Federation but also is still capable of upholding its primary mandate of exploration and diplomacy.
Strengths & Weaknesses Kurt Bergen is a man who is not afraid to say what has to be said, regardless of how unwelcome it is. It was a trait that earned him a good deal of respect in Starfleet but also more than a few detractors. Some of his opponents have called him a closet war-hawk or that he is too afraid to commit to either the ideals of a strong military or reverting Starfleet back to pure exploration. The reality is he knows both are true, the trick is trying to get both without sacrificing either.

Kurt can be jovial and warm in one moment and then stern and direct in the next, something he has perfected over the years to allow him to keep those he is speaking to guessing when the situation calls for it. He believes strongly in the ideals of the Federation, understanding full well that while the system is imperfect and imperfectly executed, it is all the more worth defending to give it a chance to learn and grow as it has since the signing of the Articles of Federation. This does mean he is a patriot, but also a realistic one.
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Kurt has no intent of taking any further post than he does unless it is forced upon him. For him, the position of Secretary of Defensive Operations was done as a favor, the next stop is retirement and his memoirs. He wants to lay the groundwork for the future to be left in a better condition than he found it.

In his off time, he still keeps up with the developments and breakthroughs Starfleet is making and is still an avid student of history. Kurt has written a few papers on military history and the explorers of the past, but few have really been seen as groundbreaking or revolutionary. But he is also hoping to enjoy his years after he retires in peace and quiet, having done what he could do with his life. For him, history will decide if he did what he set out to do or not, but he is willing to accept that judgement.

Service Record Kurt Bergen was born on Earth in 2325, three years after his brother Max. His father was a diplomatic attache officer and his mother was an engineering specialist serving on the USS Belfast. This did mean that they did not always see their parents until both took more permanent postings at Deep Space K-7, but their family life was quite stable otherwise. Max chose, however, to follow after a favorite uncle and become a private practice physician, but Kurt wanted to join Starfleet. In 2343, he joined Starfleet Academy, pursuing the Command track and was commissioned four years later as a helmsman aboard the USS Montreal. There, he met his future wife, who was serving as a member of the Operations staff, and the two were later married and had their first son, Logan, in 2350. Their next son and daughter, born as twins, would be born in 2354.

By 2361, Kurt had reached the rank of Captain and had been placed in command of his own ship, USS Polaris. However, the Polaris was among the last ships destroyed by the Cardassians during the Federation-Cardassian War in 2363. Thanks to his quick thinking, however, Kurt was able to save most of the crew and return them safely. His actions saw him decorated for his bravery and the subsequent inquiry cleared him of any wrongdoing. The following year, he was assigned to the USS Exeter, which he would command until the Dominion War broke out 9 years later. He and his crew were commended for their successes both protecting the Federation while furthering the goals of deep space exploration.

The Dominion War would prove to be a difficult and changing time for him, with Logan being commissioned the start of the second year of the war, his wife granted her own command, and their remaining children entering Starfleet Academy. Due to his skills, Kurt's command was transferred from the Exeter to the USS Challenger, which put him in command of a battle group as well. Following the success of General Martok's "cavalry raid", however, Kurt requested reassignment to the smaller USS O'Neil to command a fast attack group that would strike behind the Dominion's lines in a similar fashion. His successes there saw him promoted to Rear Admiral and praised for continuing the fight with lightning hit-and-run attacks that kept the Dominion off balance.

Kurt became a victim of his own success however, as once the war ended, he was asked to take a post with Starfleet Command to study and develop tactics that would help shape Starfleet going forward, should a new conflict arrive. While he was quite skilled and would rise to the position of Chief of Staff of Starfleet, he was also quite vocal that fear should not motivate Starfleet to assume a more militant stance. He routinely opposed plans to produce more "purebred" warships or refit more designs to follow the direction of the Defiant-class, going so far as to make several testimonies before Federation Council boards stressing that fear cannot be the guiding principle of Starfleet or the Federation. This and a news special propelled him into the public spotlight and Kurt was invited to be interviewed by the Council's special hearing committee to become Secretary of Defensive Operations. Hoping that his message of moderation would be heard, Kurt took the position.