100 Days

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The United Federation of Planets is in an unprecedented period of expansion and optimism; her borders have expanded, her knowledge growing as the wounds of the Dominion War have largely been forgotten, replaced by the thirst for exploration and prosperity. Elected with a slender majority over her opponents, President Iden Morr became the first Bajoran to hold the highest office in the Federation, but her tenure was doomed from the start. At her celebration gala on the evening of Inauguration Day, President Iden was assassinated in front of over 100 people. In the aftermath of the heartbreaking incident, Vice President Lukiz Raikan, himself in office for only a matter of hours, was sworn in as the new President on the United Federation of Planets. With the investigation into Iden's assassination underway, President Raikan begins the difficult task of assembling a new political cabinet that runs and manages the day to day life of Federation citizens, as well as acting as the mediator between the member states of a sometimes chaotic confederacy of planets, all while trying to put “People before Politics”.

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Dark Days Lay Ahead

Post Count: 60

After completing a stunning victory in the 2393 Presidential Election, Iden Morr was sworn in as the first Bajoran president in the history of the Federation. But on the evening of Inauguration Day, tragedy struck as President Iden was assassinated by unknown agents. In the days that lay ahead, her Vice President, Lukiz Raikan, was sworn in as President under the provisions of the Line of Succession. As the investigation in to Iden's death takes place, President Raikan must stabilize the Federation at one of the most tragic times in its history.