Key Locations

General Items
Starfleet Command Headquarters  
Office of the Commander in Chief, Starfleet  
Office of the Joint Chiefs  
Press Briefing Room, Starfleet Command Headquarters   A place for journalists and members of the Press Pool to receive regular updates from Starfleet Command, often via the Press Secretary or Communications Director.
Palais de la Concorde   The Palais de la Concorde is the building in the city of Paris on Earth that serves as the seat of government of the United Federation of Planets.
Ra-ghoratreii Room - Office of the President   Private and secure office of the President of the Federation.
Jaresh-Inyo Suite - Office of the Vice President   Private and secure office of the Vice President.
Amitra Suite - Office of the Presidential Chief of Staff   Private and secure office of the Presidential Chief of Staff.
Entrance Lobby, Palais de la Concorde   Upon passing security, visitors and guests to the Palais will be granted to the spacious entrance lobby while they wait to be escorted to other parts of the building.
Security Suite, Palais de la Concorde   Central hub of security officials in the Palais de la Concorde, the Security Suite has a great many different technologies available to it to ensure the security of the Palais grounds.
McLaren Briefing Room, Palais de la Concorde   Named after former president Lorne McLaren, the McLaren Briefing Room is in the secure bunker beneath ground level and is for meetings between the Security Council and various other government officials. Here, they meet to discuss issues of Federation defense and security and to organize Starfleet operations.