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New Job, New Stress

Posted on Sat May 9th, 2020 @ 12:23pm by Elizabeth Carter

Episode: Dark Days Lay Ahead
Location: Paris
Timeline: Day 1 at 0700

Elizabeth had been to the Palais de la Concorde a lot but today was different she was not going to work with a Council member or visit to see the cogs of democracy in the Federation work. No today she was going to work for the most influential person in the entire federation. As she was thinking she heard a small voice speaking to her and as she listened it became louder and louder until she realised it was her daughter saying, Mom. She snapped back to reality to see the omelette she was making was burning in front of her.

She swore under her breath, “Ok I guess I’ll have to remake that.” She said laughing slightly at her kids. Trisha smiled at her mother and put her hand on her forearm, “You will do great mom stop worrying, they wouldn’t have given you the job unless they thought you were good enough.” Liz smiled, she found her daughters words comforting, after all, there was truth in them. She started making another omelette putting it on her daughter's plate, “bon appétit” she watched as her daughter started eating and made another one for her younger daughter who had not appeared, As she finished making the omelette her daughter appeared sitting beside her sister. She handed to Liz a small box and smiled to her mother, “For luck on your first day.” Liz’s heart nearly exploded with love, her daughters might sometimes try her patience but when it came to it they always did the right thing. She opened the box to find a framed picture of the family, Mina, Liz, Trisha and Alexa, she held it close to her heart and smiled, “Ok eat up you don’t have long to get to school.” As they finished and went out the door she saw Mina exit her office and kiss their children off.

Liz took a deep breath as she did Mina closed the distance taking both her hand in hers and looked in her eyes, “You will be great, I know this because I know you. Just be yourself and you will blow them out the sky as you did with me.” Liz smiled she had been very lucky to manage to find Mina and make her, her wife. Liz kissed her wife before going to change into her suit, it was a simple black skirt suit, it didn’t draw attention but it made no illusions she was anything other than a worker. She departed after a kiss on the cheek from her wife who would be heading off to work soon too.

Liz’s house was not far from her place of work the walk was 2 minutes but it seemed like a lifetime in her mind. She approached security, the scanners scanning her as she came in, her bag was scanned and she was scanned more intensively as she walked through the checkpoint. She smiled at the staff who knew her from her previous role. She heard one of them say she was going up in the world she raised her hand dismissively as if to say she was the same person she was yesterday. The turbo lift seemed to move in slow motion even if it only took seconds. She stepped out the lift and was greeted by the security team who checked her over to make sure she was who she was. It was not uncommon for a new hire as they were not familiar with what she looked like, sounded like or acted like so it was their way of creating a baseline. She was shown to her office by one of the junior members of staff, she noted her name and made sure to note to get her a small gift for her kindness.

Liz sat at the desk in her plain office and shook her head, “Well this place needs to change.” She smiled as someone passed her door thinking she was speaking to them. Liz waved as if to reassure them she was not talking to them. She put her photo on her desk, the rock by which she would not get lost in space. The object that would always bring her back to reality. She looked at her desk and noticed a few things missing that she would need to keep up with current information. She grabbed one of the staff and asked whom she would need to speak to, to get the items she needed to be installed, the presidents chief of staff, not exactly a surprise but she knew some places ran different so it was good to check. She made a note of the things she needed, nothing that was difficult to get or anything but she wanted to have everything she needed to keep on top of things to be in her office and not have to go looking for it.

Liz went out into the main area and started to walk about a bit, partly to stretch her legs a little, partly to see how people acted and if they would acknowledge her. The answer was everyone greeted her with the decorum she would have expected in this office but everyone was pretty busy. She found a replicator and ordered oceanleaf tea, it was something she had developed a habit for while undercover in Cardassia and had never really kicked it. It was not addictive but when you drink several cups a day of something for several years it just becomes part of your way of life. She took a few sips of her tea and headed back to her office, she knew the first day would not involve doing an awful lot, she had meetings with the chief of staff, then the president and then a staff meeting with the whole staff but she was an hour early so she could get settled a little and get some information so she could contribute to the last meeting even if just a little.


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