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Offer of Employment

Posted on Fri Jul 3rd, 2020 @ 8:19pm by President Lukiz Raikan & Eniara Pol & Secretary Annita Rem

Episode: Dark Days Lay Ahead
Location: Ra-ghoratreii Suite, Presidential Office
Timeline: Day 2 at 1000

Rem had risen early that day, the difficulty with living in an area of Earth 8 local time zones ahead was that your day usually didn't coincide with local conditions. Having chosen a simple fitted grey dress she threw her jacket over her arm as she headed for the public transporter station just outside her building. Her security detail joining her as she stepped out of her apartment. Winter in Paris versus summer in Sydney also added challenges.

Stepping off the pad she pulled her jacket on and moved out into the throng of people, moving about the busy Parisian streets. A few people gave her a second glance but despite Trill being a relatively major Federation world, many didn't know the councillor's by appearance. The bustle of bureaucrats, politicians, and locals earned Paris the title of most diverse city in the Federation. Making her way toward the Palais, she passed through two security checkpoints with ease, her detail in tow, before reaching one that actually involved her handing over her bag and passing through a scanner arch. She thanked the security officer as she took her bag back and continued to the meeting.

No stranger to the Palais her own Council credentials were not adequate for the days meeting so she stopped at the reception desk and confirmed her morning meeting with the President before entering the lift to the fifteenth floor.

[Ra-ghoratreii Suite, Presidential Suite, Fifteenth Floor]

Outside the turbo shaft on the fifteenth floor, a waiting area made up of several seats, a few desks and a security station served as a holding area for all visitors to the Presidential suites until such a time as someone of importance arrived to collect a visitor; someone like, for example, the Chief of Staff to the President himself.

But, well aware of his schedule and the meetings that lay ahead, Eniara Pol was in no rush to get moving as she sat in the President's office, on one of the most comfortable sofas in the galaxy. The auburn haired beauty was buried in a data PADD, a cup of coffee in hand as she read the information over one last time. "Mister President," the young Bajoran called out, "are you certain that Rem is the correct choice for Intergalactic Affairs? She's a very lacklustre appointment. Very safe. I can't see her pulling up weeds and achieving anything spectacular while in office..." the Chief Advisor to the President frowned as she tossed the data PADD onto the sofa next to her in frustration.

President Lukiz Raikan turned away from the window. None of this was simple. He wasn't even supposed to be in the office, but fate had dealt them a cruel blow and now, he was making the vital decisions for the future of the Federation. He knew the chief of staff was trying very hard to make the different pieces fit the way they were supposed to following the death of their dear friend and colleague. That they weren't always as cooperative as Eniara would have preferred was obviously frustrating. "You and I both know how often appearances can be deceiving," Raikan said, pausing near the corner of his desk, "Rem was Iden's pick, and if she was good enough for our friend then, she is good enough for us now."

"I know that," the Chief of Staff remarked rather begrudgingly as, yet again, the President was right. She had learnt in the last few days that he had a habit of being right, which was probably why she was so grateful to have been kept on in the wake of his predecessors death. "Tell me two attributes that make Rem a logical choice, and I'll shut up," she finally smirked.

"Steady, faithful," Raikan suggested.

He saw the look Eniara gave him for the response and simply offered a smile in return. There was no denying their relationship had changed dramatically over the past few days since he had actually taken office. A certain amount of decorum was required, and now that he was President, there were certain boundaries that couldn't be crossed even in private. Yet, he found it comforting that the two of them were still able to take each other lightly at this point, after everything that had occurred.

"From what I've seen, Councilor Rem has a history of advocating improved relations with our neighbors," he continued, "She may not have always been the loudest voice on the floor, but she's worked hard and she's been consistent. I'd rather that right now than have someone who's only looking ahead to the next thing. The issues we face aren't going to be solved with quick-fixes. We need someone who can commit to working with us for the long-haul."

Eniara rose to her feet slowly and picked up her data PADD. "Then Annita Rem it is," the young Bajoran nodded in agreement before bowing ever so slightly and heading for the door. "I'll send her in," she told and headed for the doorway.

Rem looked up as the door opened and she nodded to the Chief of Staff to the President. She had been a key figure during the campaign and now held what was considered by many to be the most powerful staff position in the Federation. "Good Morning Ms. Eniara."

"Councilor," Eniara smiled as she stepped aside and held out a hand to keep the door open, "the President is waiting for you."

"Thank you," Rem said with a smile and stepped into the office. "Good Morning Mister President." Rem said as she approached the older Trill male.

Making her exit silently, the Chief of Staff gave a final nod to the President before the doors closed and left the two to their conversation.

"Councilor," Lukiz smiled as he walked over to his guest and fellow Trill, offering out a hand to the woman, "Thank you for coming at such short notice."

"We'll one does usually clear their schedule when the President asks them to attend a meeting." Rem replied.

"Quite," the President nodded sagely as he let go of the woman's hand and gestured for her to take a seat on the more comfortable sofa area of the Presidential office, named after the first (and only) Efrosian in history to serve as President of the Federation. "I have invited you here today to discuss a job opportunity with you, if you would be interested?" the older of the two Trill queried as he took his own seat in one of the comfortable chairs.

"Again, one generally hears out a job offer from the President. What did you have in mind?" Rem asked.

"The job offer comes from my predecessor," Raikan informed his guest as as get comfortable in his own chair. "President Iden and her Chief of Staff had identified you as a candidate for one of the positions in her cabinet and I see no reason to go against her judgement," he continued. "Do you think you would be interested in a cabinet position?"

"I think that would depend on the position. While obviously every role is important and it's an honour to serve in any capacity I would need to feel confident that it's a role that I am suited for. In general, I'm certainly open to the idea." Rem replied.

"I wont lie to you Annita; when the President approached me with your name for her administration, I had to do some research as I knew very little before your time as Trill's representative to the Federation Council," Raikan's admission was a painful one - he'd been lax in getting to know his fellow Trill, but he hoped that his honesty would show him to be a man of integrity. "What I have found is that President Iden was correct in not only her desire to appoint you to her administration but also in the position she chose," he informed her. "I'd like you to replace Secretary Darin at Intergalactic Affairs. He was due to step down in a few weeks, but has agreed to become Acting Vice President until we can get a candidate confirmed, making the appointment of a successor to him a matter of urgency."

Annita smiled, "My career before politics is generally not well known. Even now, the Dominion War has started to fade, and move from memory to the history books. Should you have any questions about my background I'm happy to enlighten you." She said. "Now in terms of the job offer, I have to say that IA is an area I feel I could make a difference, what are your plans for the department, and your foreign policy more broadly. I know Iden had based her foreign policy on four key pillars, are those still your goals or do you plan to take the administration in a different direction?"

"I signed up to Iden's vision for the future when I agreed to be her running mate," the much older Trill nodded as he relaxed in his seat somewhat now the conversation was taking a positive path. "Our policy will be the same as it would have been under President Iden. But, I think you should know that I plan to call a special election one year from now," the President informed her. "This office was never meant to be mine. I wasn't elected to this office by the people, but I intend to give them that chance in the future."

Annita nodded, she approved of the President's choice. "I think it's a good move, I've never been a particularly big fan of successions, even if as Secterary I would be part of the line of succession, I believe in institutions that can function properly with acting officials in the top job the choice should be made by the electorate." She said. "Even though effectively that is what made me a Councillor in the first place. As for the policy, if there's an agreement on the broad strokes I feel we could work well together. That being said, should I be nominated and confirmed, I think there are changes that need to be made to the department. The essential structure of the department has been unchanged for almost one hundred years. It still has a major focus on major powers, it has very little flexibility in emerging powers and threats."

“Once the Chairperson of the Council has been confirmed, I’ll put your name forward for the spot and get the ball rolling on your confirmation,” the President smiled happily at the woman, “and I look forward to reading what you have planned.” Rising to his feet, the President called the brief meeting to a close and offered a hand to the woman. “I look forward to having you in the Cabinet, Annita.”

"Thank you, Mister President." She said rising to her feet and shaking the Trill's hand.

After shaking the hand of his (hopefully) presumptive nominee for Intergalactic Affairs, the President led his guest to the doorway and bid farewell. Waving Eniara in once again, the Trill would turn his attention to the next item on their agenda.


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