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Detail Points

Posted on Sun Jul 5th, 2020 @ 8:21pm by Secretary Annita Rem & Director Jack Colter

Episode: Dark Days Lay Ahead
Location: Palais Security Centre
Timeline: Day 2 at 1045

Annita had been informed by the President, or rather an aide of the President that she needed to check in with the head of the administration protective detail before she left. Having made her way to the section of the building she was shown to the Director's door who tapped on the consol and informed the occupant of the office that she had arrived. When the door opened she stepped inside and nodded to the man behind the desk. "Director Colter, Councilwoman Rem, I was asked to see you before leaving."

Jack was happy to say that his day was going well, no news as it turns out was good news. He had several things to get ready for and prepare for others. Other than that his plate was relatively stress free for the moment. The president had yet to find a way to make his life difficult. The grandson was a challenge that not many had faced in recent times. With him being in the academy, he had a seperate team watching the kid like a hawk. He was sure he didn't like it but discomfort was something that Jack could happily live with. If it kept the kid alive. Then the one person he was hoping would drop by and save him the time of seeking her our stepped into his office. He looked up at the mention of his title and name. That still bugged him but it was something that he was resigning himself to having to deal with on a daily basis. "Councilor Rem, you are on the list of people I need to meet with this week. Please have a seat so we can discuss your situation." Jack said with a smile to the woman in question.

Rem nodded, she had assumed the situation he spoke of likely meant a transfer of her security detail. "I assume that this is in regards to my council security detail."

Jack understood that this wasn't necessarily what the councilwoman wanted to hear but part of his job was to give unwanted and sometimes unpleasant news to people. "I like many in the service would like to accommodate requests from the protectees. Sometimes its possible other times its not." Jack started to explain. "Every man woman and Hir out there has earned the right to sit in this building. Some of them have had decades in this building. A couple of them are angry that they were overlooked for the position I now hold." Jack continued. "After the previous president stepped down, my predecessor in this job announced he was retiring from the service. He was one of five. One of my first jobs in this office was to seek replacements for the key roles that needed to be filled." Jack explained.

"This is all a roundabout way of me saying, I can't approve transfers for your current team. I simply do not have the space for the personnel and I don't have a reason for reassigning current service members." Jack informed her. He could and would do all he could to help the transition but he would not compromise other people's careers by reassigning good people to make space for others who hadn't earned that promotion.

She nodded, "I'm sure the council security will reassign them to meaningful postings." She started. "Is there any reason to believe there is an increased threat against me?"

"Your team will be looked after and assigned appropriately." He agreed. He knew that this would happen without a call from him but he'd make it if he felt it was necessary. "You're about to be announced as a nominee for the cabinet, so yes there is enough justification to believe that the threat level to you and your family will increase. Once you are announced if there is any group or person you have ever angered they are going to start sending hate mail and death threats Councillor." Jack explained as he rubbed at his temples.

"Your protection details chief will asses and evaluate all threats made against you, if he or she believes them to be credible then we will up your security and if necessary your families. Councillor you have sat in the council but that is nothing compared to the scrutiny you will be under while you are in this building. If you choose to be a more visible member of the cabinet, you will be a bigger target for such groups. We will do all we can to make sure your protection is at the level that is required. If you make our lives harder, you put yourself at more risk." Jack said taking up a padd. "This is the security check starfleet security did after you were elevated to the position of councillor." Jack dropped it and picked up another. "This is the one we did at exactly the same time. Is there anything not in these dossiers that I and your team need to know. Is there anything not in these dossiers that will harm the president or anybody else including yourself which is not contained in these dossiers?" Jack asked placing the padd back on the table. "I am one of three people authorised to even read what is on that padd Councillor, but if there is something in your past that you hid or lied about it absolutely will come out. If we know about it now, we can get out in front of it. If you lie and it comes out during the confirmation process, it may jeapodise your nomination. I don't need to tell you what that would do for a new president in the first 100 days of her term." Jack explained.

He was no politician but he had been around enough and seen enough scandals, ones that could have been prevented and others that well couldn't. Councillors sometimes believed that they could lie about their pasts and it would remain hidden. Those idealistic young councillors usually learned the hard way this wasn't the case. He did not want to fall victim of such issues in his first 100 days in this role and would do what he could to prevent that from happening.

"My vetting packages have always been honest, I am not one to risk the accomplishments of the team I work with by trying to hide something that history says always will come out." She replied. "As for 'making your lives harder' I understand you have a job to do, but, so do I, as a Councillor and if the Council feels, a Secretary. I have built a good working relationship with my current security detail, I will endeavour to do the same with a detail you assign me. However, I also expect to fully be kept in the loop, I have seen on more than one occasion security leads that believe they are the be-all and end-all, and don't think the person being secured needs to know what is going on, that is not how any detail assigned to me will operate. If the team can't keep me in the loop then they clearly can't do their job in the first place." She added, she knew the Director was doing his job, but she did appreciate the insinuation that she was some fresh-faced candidate who didn't understand the fall out of her actions. "I believe we very much want the same thing, Iden's term, or terms, to be successful, that means no cabinet secretaries being shot, or blown up, or political scandals. If we agree to that I see no reason why we won't be able to maintain a working relationship."

"Councillor you will be briefed on relevant threats, when it is necessary to do so. If threats are ongoing and immediate, informing you before we take action is not going to work. My job and your teams job is to make sure you go home with a pulse. Preferrably happy but i will settle for still breathing." Jack said showing teeth as he smiled. "Just don't cause me as many problems as the damn Klingons." He said finally. "My door is open and you can speak to me anytime when I am in the office, otherwise your first port of call for any problem you have is with the head of your protection detail. As much as you need to trust the people charged with protecting you, the same could be said for them needing to trust that you will discuss issues with them before you come to me. If i am the go between for you and your detail I will be going through detail members faster than the Klingons were going through bloodwine last night." He stopped talking for several moments before adding "Your detail changes will be ready for the next shift pattern."

She nodded, "Very well, while I assume you know the basics, my main residence on Earth is in Sydney, the building is quite secure and there is a suite on the main floor utilized by my current detail. I'm sure the building will make it available to the new detail, as a general rule the detail doesn't come into my personal residence, they perform regular security sweeps and have not ever had the need to barge in unannounced. I would hope the new detail can manage to work in a similar fashion." She replied.

"Councillor what I can say is that the agents will work within the confines of your requests where possible. That being said when we tell you to move, we aren't going to be wanting an argument." Jack said with a shrug. "The agents will work with you to make it work, but I'm not going to make promises about not barging into your residence. It is quite possible that at some point you will be crashed and in need of being secured inside your residence. Thats a time we don't argue with you, we get it done what ever it takes and then we discuss it after wards. You won't be asked permission for entry in those circumstances. Lucky enough however the only building that gets locked down regularly besides the council chambers is the Palais and even that is a rarity these days." He continued. "In the event of the president and VP being killed you are in the line of succession, that changes pretty much everything." He finished.

"Well, let's hope line of succession issues don't come into play." She replied, "Very well, is there anything else you need form me?"

"That is usually me line but no their isn't." Jack said standing up. "I'd say that everything is plain sailing from here but honestly it never is. My door is open, any issues be sure to bring them to me." Jack explained.

"Thank your Director. If you need anything I'm sure you'll know where to find me." Rem said getting to her feet.

Jack stood up with her, feeling it was the thing to do, "Thank you councillor." He said offering his hand in a totally human gesture.

She shook hands with the Director. "Thank you Director, you know how to reach me if you need anything." She said before heading for the door.


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