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Restructuring Plan

Posted on Sun Jul 5th, 2020 @ 8:28pm by Secretary Annita Rem & Ashrana Kamina

Episode: Dark Days Lay Ahead
Timeline: Day 2 at 1200

The confirmation would be scheduled once the new Council Chair was in place. While President Raikan and Rem were both of the dominant Federalist Party, and it held a majority of seats on the Federation External Affairs Council, her confirmation was not a sure thing. Her two terms in the Council had earned her a few enemies, and even within her own party some thought her views too liberal, foreign aid was not the same central tenant of Federation value that it had once been.

The door chimed and Annita called for the arrival to enter. Ashrana Kamina entered smiling, "I heard on the way over, Intergalactic Affairs, that's quite the portfolio."

Ashrana was a formidable woman in her own right. An accomplished lawyer she was picked by Vall to serve on her communications staff almost 15 years ago. The lawyer was surprised by the offer that seemed completely outside her area of expertise, but Vall was a persuasive woman. She also had a reputation for finding the best talent in the most unusual places and had mastered the highly effective cold call. People rarely turned down her offer.

Ashrana was elevated to Campaign Communications Director during the campaign. She maintain the Comms position when Vall was elected to Councillorship. A term later she was the one who delivered Vall's sale pitch to Annita.

The two women formed a fast working relationship, and over the years a friendship as well. Ashrana had become a defacto Deputy Chief of Staff during the last years of Vall's tenure. She had been on Earth with Rem, two of only five people on the Councillor's immediate staff to not be on the shuttle when it was destroyed. Rem accepting the nomination to fill the remainder of Vall's term was contingent on Ashrana agreeing to serve as her Chief of Staff.

Rem smiled, "It is, it is also not a done deal."

Ashrana grinned, "EAC is 21 members, you need 11 votes to secure a floor vote. You've got at least 6 of them already locked down, 8 most likely. You can get two if the party whips the vote, or Raikan wants you bad enough to shell out a little of that fresh presidential capital. The Mils should side with you, they liked you in Council cause you had service and a tough on crime policy streak. The leg doesn't hurt with that crowd either. Say you get two of their three votes on the council, you're at a safe 12. You get a floor vote in the Council, 158 votes to secure. 6 votes plus the party. I like your odds."

Rem smiled, concise drill-downs on almost any topic, and her work ethic, and her skills as an orator and a debater. That was what Vall had seen, that was what made her fantastic at her job. "So you think I should accept?"

Ashrana cocked her head to the side and gave a vaguely disapproving look that Rem had seen used on herself and Ashrana's children alike, to equal success. "We both know you accepted before you left the office. Now, let's start talking restructure." She said pulling a PADD out of her bag and handing it to the soon-to-be cabinet nominee.

"I've already had some thoughts, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised, you've probably got half a dozen white papers started." Rem replied.

"I'm partial to the second plan, it's a bigger shakeup but changes at the USEC level to bring in more functional areas instead of so much siloing will help." Ashrana said getting right to the point. "Better fit your leadership style, plus it put your stamp on it. I recommend coordinating four new Senior Undersectrary portfolios tied to the four main foreign policy goals. Klingon-Gorn conflict. RFS relations. Ritorian Confederacy. Cardassian Union relations she said ticking them off on her fingers. Cardassian Union you could probably just promote the existing USEC the rest I suggest fresh blood."

"You really need to stay out of my head." Rem said.

Ashrana smiled, "It's such a tidy and fashionable place though."

"Thank you, I hope you know, if I'm confirmed, I expect you to come with me. Chief of Staff to a Cabinet Secretary looks good on a resume or a campaign poster." Rem replied.

Ashrana smiled, "Resume yes, but I'm not as crazy as you lot, I won't run, but I will happily come with you DIGA."

"Good enough." Rem said, "Thank you." Turning her attention back to the PADD in her hand she set to speed getting herself up to speed on the plans. Liking what she saw.


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