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Celebrations Turned Sour

Posted on Sat Jun 6th, 2020 @ 11:42pm by President Lukiz Raikan & Eniara Pol & Elizabeth Carter & Councillor Idris Kizak & Director Jack Colter

Episode: Dark Days Lay Ahead
Location: Roth Dining Suite, Floor 12
Timeline: Day 1 at 1925

Making her way up to the podium that had been set up near the aft wall of the world famous Roth Dining Suite, Chief of Staff Eniara Pol looked far more relaxed than she had earlier. In the safety and sanctuary of the Palais de la Concorde, the Bajoran was surrounded by colleagues, friends and family of the new President of the United Federation of Planets. The inauguration had gone off without a hitch, the transition of power going even smoother and now, the President's supporters were waiting for their first glimpse of the President in this slightly less formal occasion. A chance to wine and dine, get to know each other and bask in the glory of their successful campaign, the Chief of Staff was now tasked with her first official duty as the President's Chief of Staff.

At the podium, the young Bajoran tapped a spoon against her crystal glass to get the attention of everyone in the room. As the Roth suite fell silent, the Bajoran grinned. "Without further ado, may I present to you Iden Morr... the NEW President of the United Federation of Planets!"

Turning her attention to the door, the Chief of Staff led the applause as the crowd began to rise to their feet.

At what would soon be the President's table, the outgoing Secretary of Intergalactic Affairs, the Benzite named Darin was dressed in his finest attire and rose to his feet, clapping for the President. Beside him, the President's running mate and now Vice President of the Federation, Lukiz Raikan, rose to his feet, clapping excitedly as his friend and colleague began to enter the room.

Both Kurt and Andrea stood up and applauded as well.

Izzy and Jozan stood, they too joined in the clapping. Well after all that Bajor had been through and the 7 years it took to get them into the Federation, now a Bajoran is President. It is going to be interesting from now on, Izzy thought with a smile.

Elizabeth stood and joined in the round of applause, it was a groundbreaking day, a Bajoran President of the federation. It was certainly not something she thought would happen in her life time when she was serving in Cardassia during the Dominion war. This changed a lot of things, she was not one of the established races which might give hope to other races that they too can become president of the federation and that could only be a good thing going forward. However she bore a great weight being the first, she would leave behind a legacy, Liz was going to do everything she could to make sure it was a good and long one.

Jack took a deep breath before looking at the president and giving a slight nod of his head, pushing the key that would open the doors. "Ma'am." He said politely. He fell into step just behind the president while one of the others took the same position on the other side of the president. It was the ladies moment and they were just the willing spectators to it.

Following the lead of the Director of the Administration Protection Detail, the newly elected President of the United Federation of Planets walked up to the podium. It was a massive step for the newly elected Bajoran - the first of her kind to ascend to the Presidency. Exchanging pleasantries with her Chief of Staff for the briefest moment, Iden took over the podium. It was truly a momentous occasion, but it was one that wouldn't last. For out there, among the crowd of supporters who had been welcomed for dinner, a lone assassin had evaded all scrutiny and made their way into the Roth Dining Suite. On the evening of her inauguration, President Iden Morr would take her last breath and the Federation government would be thrown into disarray. For now, all they had to do was wait for the proverbial fireworks.

Waving her hands above the podium, the President gestured for her guests to take their seats. Once the hubbub had died down, Iden gave her speech to the crowd. It was a speech full of hope, full of promise. Full of lies, in the eyes of her would-be assassin. They continued to watch from afar as the speech ended and they reached the climax of the event - the opening of gifts.

The crowd watched as the President accepted a number of gifts on behalf of different worlds around the Federation. First, a bottle of Andorian whisky, followed by a Vulcan musical instrument that resembled a flute of sorts. The assassin's frustration grew as the President's hand hovered above the instrument of her death briefly, only to move to a new object - some sort of figurine from the people of Benzar.

Then, at last! She reached for the small wooden box that had been strategically placed upon the table. Opening the lid, the President recoiled in fright as a liquid sprayed her square in the face and she collapsed to the floor behind the podium.

As predicted, pandemonium ensued.

Jack had watched eagle eyed as the President was opening the gifts, this being said he was not prepared for the shock of the president's collapse. They had not been expecting this, no credible threats nothing of this magnitude at this event. They'd prepared for everything meticulously since the night of the election win. Taking a breath before he rushed for the president. =/\= Code black, lock the site down and secure the vice president. Move the VP to defence location alpha, I repeat defence location alpha.=/\= This was something that they prepared for, something that they had trained for all of their careers.

For Betazed's gift Idris had elected to give it to the new President himself, he had been standing off to the side of the table, though he had been looking at the wrapped gift wondering if it was appropriate but then as he glanced up at the Bajoran woman, she had just about to collapse.

Izzy couldn't get to her quick enough to soften her fall but was at her side moment later. He yelled out. "Medic!" He had basic medical training but not the knowledge to treat more than the lowest form of physical injuries. He noticed that her face was now discoloured from normal, she was sprayed with something. Jozan was directly behind his husband as he didn't want to get in the way but laid a hand on Izzy's back.

"Step back Imzadi," Jozan said.

Izzy then was about to try CPR but at the last moment after a small whiff of the spray on Iden's face immediately stepped back. Back in his intelligence days he had come across various poisonous scents and that was one of them on their new President.

"Sir step back." Jack's snarl could be heard across the room. "I need emergency site to site transport to Starfleet medical, inform them that the president is incoming." Jack growled into his comm set. Dead or not breathing the procedure remained the same, she wasn't dead until someone declared her so. Looking at his second in command. "Lock it down, no one leaves the site and get hold of Starfleet Security, I want to know every ship that has left the system in the last couple of days with or without a flight plan." Jack said to her. "Go." He snapped.

Vice President Raikan watched in horror as the scene unfolded in slow motion until two figures in dark suits appeared at his sides and pretty much scooped him up and dragged him out of the function room at great speed. He watched, as best he could, as Starfleet security officers and medical officers alike began to beam into the suite and started to lock it down, stopping guests from fleeing whilst rendering aide to his fallen comrade. A last look back and he saw his friend laying motionless on the floor as people surrounded her.

Time had slowed for Elizabeth as the spray hit the president and she hit the floor. There was not a clear plan for what she should do in these situations but having been an intelligence asset for years, then a diplomat, she knew one thing - this room was not safe for anyone. She scanned the room seeing the team scooping the Vice President up. She was not as important as he was but he was going to need support and perhaps a calm voice at this moment. She moved and caught up with the team, "It is alright Sir, this is just a precaution to keep you safe." She said smiling as she moved at pace with the security officers, "Everything will be ok."

Remaining behind, among the sea of crying, distressed souls, the Benzite Secretary of State for Intergalactic Affairs (and fourth in line to the presidency), stood a few steps back from the podium, staring at the medical officers working on the President. Just a few days earlier, she had approached him about staying on at Intergalactic Affairs, and he'd rejected her. Now, he almost wished he hadn't. Perhaps things would have been different?

The din in the room was soon pierced by the drone of the transporter beam that engulfed the President and her medical attendees. With the crowd still in pieces, Secretary Darin made contact with Fleet Admiral Clancy, who had been at one of the other tables and was coordinating the Starfleet response.

Their first priority? Ensuring news of the attack wasn't leaked to the press, but with over a hundred people present, that was going to prove easier said than done.


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