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Constant Vigilance

Posted on Fri May 29th, 2020 @ 5:29pm by Ambassador Vaebn Mirok & Consul Kellara Baqat
Edited on on Mon Jun 1st, 2020 @ 3:50pm

Episode: Dark Days Lay Ahead
Location: Free Romulan Ship Koval
Timeline: Day 5 at 0730

Orbital Drydock, T'Met, Romulan Free State

The light from distant stars reflected on the hull of the Free Romulan Ship Koval. A sleek new Warbird, she made her way silently out of the drydock in orbit of Free State Capital, T'Met.

The ship turned about gracefully and moored to the upper section of the vast military intallation. Cheers and applause erupted in the orbital facilities Observation Deck as the ship passed by.

Bridge, Free Romulan Ship Koval

Commander Denari stood from his command seat and peered around his bridge. Koval certainly was a fine ship. He was honoured to command such a fine ship, and on such a momentous mission.

"Status." He called from his elevated perch.

"Ambassador Vaebn is coming aboard now, and his cargo is being loaded." a Centurion called from his station at the fore section of the bridge. "We should be ready to depart in a few minutes Commander."

"Control signals clear to depart as soon as we are loaded sir." A female Romulan called from an aft station.

"Outstanding." Denari said, returning to his seat.

Vaebn's Quarters, Free Romulan Ship Koval

Vaebn entered the palacial cabin, and his eyes widened. "I had no idea we would have this type of luxury aboard." He said, slightly awestruck.

His aide, Kellara ,followed in close behind. "Built to exact specifications Your Excellency."

Lowering himself into a lush looking chair, Vaebn let out a sigh of relief. "Well we certainly have outdone ourselves." He leaned back, making himself comfortable.

A small chirp came from Kellara's bag. She reached in, producing a handheld communicator. The stout Romulan woman held it to her ear. A moment passed and she closed it. "All of your things are aboard, we are getting underway now."

Suppressing a yawn, the Ambassador said, "Wake me for dinner will you?"

Another chirp erupted from the communicator, Kellara listened a moment. "Your Excellency, Senator S'Khæl wishes to speak before departure."

Vaebn sighed, pulling himself into a seated position. "Put her through."

Kellara clicked some controls on the wall viewscreen, and then bowed slightly before departing the room.

The screen filled with the image of a light haired Romulan woman.

"Ah, Vaebn, Glad I caught you." She said, with true sincerity.

"To what do I owe the pleasure?" Vaebn said with mock interest.

"Parting words, and a bit of advice." She spoke with a matron like calmness."Constant Vigilance." She said. "You need to be careful with these people." Her calmness switched to warning.

Vaebn nodded his understanding.

The Senator's haughty facade returned. "Be sure to keep us updated. I don't need to remind you of the importance of this posting."

"I know." Was all that Vaebn could muster.

"Now get on your way." She said. Waiting a few moments before terminating the channel.

Taking in the Senator's words, Vaebn stood and made his way to the bedroom. In truth he was very tired and if the Senator warning was any indication of what he was warping into, Vaebn would need all the rest he could get.

Bridge, Free Romulan Ship Koval

Commander Denari was standing again. His hands were grasped behind his back.

"We are loaded sir." came the Centurion's voice.

"Clear all moorings." Denari commanded.

"Moorings cleared." came an unplaced voice in response.

"Set course to Federation Space, Earth." the Commander called out, once more returning to his seat and lowering himself into it.

"Course set."

"Activate cloak, and engage at Warp Six." Commander Denari looked pleased.


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