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Let's Get to Work

Posted on Sat May 30th, 2020 @ 7:44pm by Ambassador Vaebn Mirok & Consul Kellara Baqat
Edited on on Mon Jun 1st, 2020 @ 3:50pm

Episode: Dark Days Lay Ahead
Location: Free Romulan Ship Koval
Timeline: Day 7 at 1300

Vaebn's Quarters, Free Romulan Ship Koval

Vaebn sat comfortably in the sitting room of his cabin. He poured over the public details of the Administration on Earth, all the while replaying the warning conveyed by Senator S'Khæl.'What exactly do I have to be weary of?' He thought, his mind wandering to the possibilities.

Kellara entered, her head bowed as he approached. "Your Excellency, we will arrive in just under twelve hours. Commander Denari has communicated our ETA to Earth's Orbital Control." She spoke with confidence.

Although Kellara was many years his senior, Vaebn took pleasure in his rank and standing over her. A perk of his station in the Free State. Vaebn gestured for the older woman to approach." Very well, gather the Diplomatic staff for a final briefing in one hour." he gathered his thoughts, "I want to ensure we are all on the same page."

"I understand sir." Kellara said, her voice was even as ever. She was a warm woman by nature, but she spared no warmth on the Ambassador as she knew it would not be returned.

"You may go." Vaebn said with a wave of his hand.

Briefing Room 2, Free Romulan Ship Koval

Vaebn entered the briefing room, that had been afforded to the travelling diplomatic staff for use, with dramatic haste. "Jolan tru everyone." He made his way to the head of the table. The few assembled represented the most senior of his staff, many others had been sent to Earth to prepare the Embassy for Vaebn's arrival.

"I've gathered you so that I might impress upon you the importance of our mission on Earth." Vaebn began, taking a seat. "I'd like to begin with some introductions. Around the table then?"

"Consul Kellara, Ambassador's Chief of Staff." Kella said from the ambassador's right side.

A rather severe looking, young Romulan woman sat to the Consul's right. "Subaltern Areinnye, Embassy Household Manager ."

"Undersecretary Jerot, Protocol and Standards." Said a thin bearded man.

"Colonel D'Ralek, Chief Advisor." A rather serious looking Romulan spoke in a deep tone.

"Major Reilan, Director of Embassy Security." The handsome Major looked officious in his neatly pressed uniform.

"Undersecretary D'Lara, Intercessor and Consultant ." said the last woman, vaguely.

Vaebn clasped his hands. "Good. Now that we're all old friends let's get to it." He tapped a control on the table which activated a holographic display of Earth with current atmospheric conditions and air traffic displays overplayed.

"This is Earth." The Ambassador said plainly. "I trust that none of us have been there before, at least not officially." He shot a pointed look towards D'Ralek who had a long history with the Tal Shiar. "I'm sure you've all read your dossiers on the planet so I'll spare the details."

"We have the responsibility of establishing true relations with the Federation. As they are our largest neighbour, getting on their good side and ensuring their fellowship with us and not another...faction... of our former brethren."

Vaebn tapped a control and the holographic image changed and showed a Borg Cube. There was something different about this Cube, it was incomplete or perhaps partially destroyed. "This is the Artifact also known as the Borg Artifact Research Institute, under Free State control. It is home to the Borg Reclamation Project, an initiative dedicated to researching and surveying the derelict Cube."

Vaebn allowed the staff to take in the information as additional statistics played over the projected image."The Senate has decided to use the Reclamation site as a diplomatic offering. Inviting Federation researchers to participate in the expedition."

D'Ralek spoke first. "The Senate is willing to allow Federation citizens inside our borders? " He asked, clearly incredulous at the possible breach of the Free State security.

"The details haven't been fully worked out yet by the Senate, but rest assure the security of the Free State is being looked at in depth at the highest levels of Command." Vaebn said, anticipating the questioning. "To be clear, inclusion in the project won't be offered up front. Relations need to warm up quite a bit before the Senate will authorize any invitation."

"I think I've talked enough, is there anything of note anyone needs to report?" Vaebn was clearly getting tired of his own voice.

Major Reilan raised a hand slightly. "Sub-Lieutenant Vreida reported from the Embassy this morning, security systems are online and operational. Personnel are assigned and settled. They eagerly await your arrival Ambassador."

Vaebn nodded.

The unmoving face of Subaltern Areinnye turned towards Vaebn. "Member's of the household staff are preparing the living quarters for our arrival. A shipment for the kitchen arrived two hours ago, and I've approved the menu for dinner."

The Ambassador was pleased with her initiative. He looked around at the rest of the staff. "Anyone else?"

No one responded verbally, merely shook their heads.

"Perfect." Vaebn stood. "We arrive in less than ten hours so let's get to work."


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