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Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown

Posted on Fri Jun 19th, 2020 @ 11:18pm by President Lukiz Raikan & Eniara Pol & Phillipa Louvois & Vice Admiral Kirsten Clancy & Elizabeth Carter & Councillor Idris Kizak & Director Jack Colter
Edited on on Fri Jun 19th, 2020 @ 11:26pm

Episode: Dark Days Lay Ahead
Location: Archer Command Suite
Timeline: Day 1 at 2025

Silence had engulfed the Archer Command Suite since the shock announcement of President Iden's death, the occupants of the room in deep contemplation and feeling great sorrow for their friend and leader. There were dozens of other emotions flying around the room too, and Vice President Raikan was certain that the Betazoid's there present would have noted them by now, especially his. In the moments ahead, the Vice President would be sworn in as President of the United Federation of Planets, a job he had never had any desire for, even when Iden had approached him to be her running mate. As the age old Klingon proverb said, however, great men do not seek power, they have power thrust upon them. Whilst he was not a great man, he would do what he had to in order to ensure the Federation would survive.

Pulling away from the rest of the group in the Bunker, Jack listened in to the comm network for updates without the distraction of other voices near him. Acknowledging the news he stepped back to the others, "Mr. Vice President the Attorney General is in the bunker and on her way here." Jack said to the man who would be president. He looked at the others briefly before giving the okay to bring the woman straight in.

Mere moments passed before the door to the Archer Command Suite parted and a number of officials entered the secure facility, surrounded by members of Director Colter's security teams. The first was the highest ranking member of Starfleet, the organisations Commander in Chief, Fleet Admiral Kirsten Clancy. The grey haired woman had a face like thunder as she approached the Vice President and shook his hand briefly.

Following the Fleet Admiral, and shuffling along at his own pace, was Secretary Darin, the outgoing Secretary of Intergalactic Affairs and, as it stood, second in line to the Presidency. The Benzite, like his Trill companion, had never had any desires on the top job, but fate played cruel tricks in politics. The two friends shared an exchange of sad glances before the arrival of the final woman drew the Vice President's attention.

"Mister Vice President," Phillipa Louvois, the former Starfleet JAG and the incumbent Attorney General for several administrations now, approached the Trill male and gave him a gentle embrace. The two had known each other for a long time, but even that failed to make the situation any easier.

Elizabeth gave a short nod to the Admirals she was not going to say anything as she didn't have anything to add to the situation that would improve it. Her training as a Diplomatic officer in Starfleet she had learned when to speak and not. She just stood near the vice president in case he needed a ground point in what was going to quickly become a whirlwind of activity. He was being thrust into a job he would not have been expecting to be taking during this term.

When the 'pleasantries' were over, the Vice President sat back down in his chair, the gathered officials waited for the update.

"I wish we were here under better circumstances," the Trill Vice President looked around the command centre with sorrow filled eyes, "but we aren't. As you have been briefed already, a short while ago, President Iden was pronounced dead by medical officers attending her. I've been advised that investigations are already underway and now, we must turn our attention to the line of succession," Lukiz advised as his eyes fell on Phillipa who sat just a few chairs away.

"In this situation, the Constitution is clear," Louvois told as she looked around the room, "Article one of the 25th amendment clearly states that in the event of a sitting President's death, the Vice President assumes the Presidency for the duration of the term," she told as she displayed the text of the 25th amendment on the screen for all to see. "Granted," she added, "no Vice President has ever assumed the Presidency on inauguration day, or had to serve out an entire term as un-elected President."

"And I am right in thinking that, since the Attorney General is no longer in the line of succession, that you are free to conduct the swearing in, Phillipa?" Secretary Darin questioned from his seat further around the table, the Benzite breathing into his special apparatus far more often than he would usually given the tense situation they found themselves in.

"Correct," Phillipa confirmed with a nod. "We have enough witnesses present, and given the need for stable government to bring us out of this crisis, I recommend we do not wait any longer than necessary. The only problem I can foresee is the absence of a Chairperson from the Council..." she trailed off, glancing at the only representative from the Federation Council who happened to be in the room. "Councilor Kizak, do you speak for the Council?"

Leaving Jozan by the desk they were at, Izzy walked over to the Attorney General and gave a nod. "I can, if protocol allows." He replied.

"In the circumstances, protocol will allow it," Phillipa nodded to the Betazoid before looking back at the Vice President. "Once you are sworn in sir, we'll go through all the formalities such as the command briefings, intelligence reviews and the like, but I imagine you'll want to get before the Council as quickly as possible?" she queried expectantly. A nod from the older Trill confirmed her belief. Very well then," she took a deep breath as she rose to her feet and took a few steps towards the Vice President.

Secretary Darin rose to his feet and looked towards the pair as the historic moment approached.

Izzy was a little concerned that if whoever was responsible for Iden's death will try again, a good way to disable the Federation was to kill the executive branch. He would watch the swearing in before he would voice a course of action.

Elizabeth lent down to the Vice President ear, "Sir I am here if you need me. I would however if it is not too forward highly recommend securing the Councils confidence as soon as possible as it will be hard enough to get things done at the best of times. Now we will be required to move quickly and make swift and decisive action which will require the confidence of the council. I am not a political Advisor sir but for the Security of the Federation going forward we need to act as one here." Elizabeth stood behind the man, she did not take a seat for a few reasons one being this was very much a political meeting, she was not a politician but an advisor and second, it allowed her a free view of the comings and goings in the room. She was on high alert and knew if she needed to put herself in danger she was willing and able.

"Thank you Elizabeth," the Vice President nodded in appreciation at the woman's offer of counsel. Although he knew her, it wasn't the sort of relationship she probably had with Iden - for that matter, he didn't know many of the President's staff half as well as he should have, and that would have to change now they would be his people - at least for a while. He rose to his feet, buttoned up his suit jacket and looked to the Attorney General with a wry smile.

Taking a deep breath, Phillipa tried to reassure the man as much as possible, offering the best smile she could. It was obvious that the situation was horrible, but he was about to take office as the most powerful person in the Federation, and that was a massive achievement worthy of pride, even under the circumstances. "Sir, if you would raise your right hand and repeat after me," she asked.

Lukiz rose to his feet and did as instructed, a quick glance around the witnesses before focusing on the Attorney General. He listened as the woman spoke and he began to repeat the words back to her. "I, Lukiz Raikan of Trill," he answered, "do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United Federation of Planets. I will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the Federation."

With a smile, and a handshake, it was done. "Congratulations, Mister President."

"Mister President, I suggest you appear in front of the Council in holographic form. The podium is equipped with a projector for imagery displays for session discussions. Once I return to the Chambers I will discreetly program it for you. Until protection and security agencies find out who is responsible I highly recommend you remain isolated." Idris Kizak of Betazed offered, "or perhaps disguise yourself as a part of my delegation for the journey to the Council chamber, I already summoned a detail to escort me and my husband, one of my escorts can become your decoy?"

"No," the new President rejected the idea flat out. "I will not hide or cower in the face of such adversity. To do so lets them win. I will go to the Council in person and I will break the news of Iden's death," he was pretty firm in his assertion, the perceived power of being President already making him feel a tad more authoritative. "Mister Colter," he spoke as he looked towards the head of his protection unit, "make it happen."

Izzy faced Jack as well. "Director," he turned back to Lukiz. "As you wish sir, forgive me for attempting to keep you safe." Idris said plainly, he walked over to rejoin Jozan waiting for Federation Security to allow them to leave.

"It can happen and shortly but I want security inside the room and covering all the exits. I don't know who or what attacked President Iden yet and until we have that answer your security and that of your chief of staff will be doubled as per regulations. Until you fire me or ask me to resign we do this my way." Jack said calmly though he thought maybe it wasn't the best idea in the world to use those words for him at this precise moment. Jack's gaze turned glacial as he looked at Izzy, "With all due respect councillor, I couldn't careless what you are trying to do. But if you have some suggestions for safety, we can discuss them at a later date." His tone was cold and the inflection he put on respect was just the right side of acceptable tone. However whether by choice or mispeak the Councillor was not easing Jack's unhappiness. =/\=Colter to all teams, move to condition yellow and have every body from the council informed they are needed in the chambers immediately.=/\= He said into his comm listening to the reply for a moment he added.

"Mr. President, we'll be ready to move when you are." Jack said to the man finally looking back at the would be king who had been forced to take the throne just a wee bit earlier than expected.


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