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Emergency Session

Posted on Tue Jun 23rd, 2020 @ 7:20pm by President Lukiz Raikan & Councillor Idris Kizak & Councillor Rajea

Episode: Dark Days Lay Ahead
Location: Federation Council Chamber
Timeline: Day 1 at 2130

The hour grew late as the Federation Council finally assembled in their chamber, the vast majority of Councillor's currently planet side given the momentous event of the day, the inauguration of President Iden Morr as the first Bajoran to hold the Office of the Presidency. The hushed chatter in the chamber was not of a positive tone, however. Many were concerned about the developing situation around the Palais. Starfleet Security had stepped up their patrols in the city ten fold, with a security cordon clearly in place around the Palais. Public transporters had been isolated and now Starfleet were clearly deciding who had permission to beam into the area. Councillor's and their entourages had been vetted and vetted again upon arrival at the Palais, and were under clear instructions that the Roth Dining Suite (and the 14th floor as a whole) were out of bounds - the Federal Security Agency were seeing to that.

"I've heard that dozens of Starfleet Officer's were seen on fourteen," the Grazerite Councilor had remarked after getting word from one of his staffers.

"No one has seen or heard from anyone in the administration since before the reception," another Councilor had remarked.

Both things were true, of course, but not that they knew it right now. All they knew for certain was that the Council had been recalled for an emergency session, and that rarely meant anything good.

Rajea fluttered her eyes. “Of course they haven’t been seen, they’re probably in protective custody.” She fidgeted with the large collar of her dress.

Councilor Idris Kizak walked out to the podium after getting one of his security escorts to take Jozan home. Once at the podium he looked out over the assembled Federation membership representatives. Izzy smiled although he didn't feel it. "Greetings fellow honoured Council Members, I present Vice President Lukiz Raikan to address you all in this emergency session." He gestured for Lukiz to replace him at the podium for Idris made his way to where his delegation was seated.

Vice President Raikan, at least in front of the Council for the next few moments, closed the gap from the doorway to the podium in swift fashion, his eyes trained on the platform from which he would speak so as to not make eye contact with anyone. Once he was in position, he took a moment to compose himself before looking up at the sea of faces. "Councillors; I want to thank you for convening for this special session in such a timely fashion," he began as he looked around the room slowly and indiscriminately. "Earlier this evening, during the celebration reception in the Roth Dining Suite, President Iden Morr was sprayed with a gaseous substance from an object donated to her as a gift in celebration of her ascension to the Presidency," he told, drawing gasps from those who had made it to the session, but of course, the worst was yet to come. "It is with immense sadness that I must inform you that a short while ago, despite the best intentions of those at Starfleet Medical, President Iden was pronounced dead."

The Council Chamber erupted with a plethora of cries and shouts of anger and outrage while the 'Vice President' held his hands up to try and calm the crowd. He had to get through his announcement before he could answer any questions, and he knew there would no doubt be many.

The Deltan Councillor, Rajea, made a quick prayer in her native tongue. The death of a President was a great sorrow for the Federation as a whole. Add to that, Morr was the first of his race to hold the office. The bald woman made a quick note to herself to send regrets to the Bajoran Government and a token of of her sorrow to the President's family.

"You knew about this?" One of his aides asked Idris.

Izzy nodded. "I was there, I tried to help her, I couldn't." He glanced downwards, the surface thoughts from the councilors and their delegations shoving against his mental defenses harshly he was forced to let some in and some were memories of meeting Iden, though now it had a sad filter to it that made Idris have to quickly wrestle control and bury it. He did it fast and looked over at his aide. "She will be missed but we must keep this Federation together and running, Iden would probably have told us to do so if she could."

The aide nodded, he wiped his tears away. Clearly the aide had met Iden a few times, Izzy wasn't sure when but placed a hand on his shoulder. "Let us honour her by doing our best to keep order and peace."

"Yes," the aide said with a smile. Izzy looked back at Lukiz who was about to speak again.

"Please! Please." Lukiz pleaded, the noise from the baying crowd beginning to dissipate as they prepared to listen some more. When the noise level was low enough, the Trill continued his announcement. "At approximately twenty-one hundred hours, Attorney General Phillipa Louvois attended the Palais de la Concorde at my behest. Upon her advice, I invoked Article One of the Twenty-Fifth Amendment of the Constitution of the United Federation of Planets and, in accordance with the aforementioned Amendment, I assumed the Office of the President of the United Federation of Planets with immediate effect."

The smooth headed woman watched the newly assumed President closely. This situation was almost unprecedented. The Deltan was now very focused.

Idris was going to have to see how the other Councilors would act, though Lukiz was Iden's Vice President it did mean he shared her vision and was confirmed by the Council when the two campaigned. Perhaps assisting with the investigation would help give the Council something to focus on, he'd have to recommend to Lukiz to allow the Council to look into any connections their worlds had to the gifts.

Once the noise and hushed again, the President (as he could now identify himself) seemed to take on an air of authority he had perhaps been lacking, in much the same way he had back in the Command Suite. "Whilst I cannot go into details at this point in time, I can assure you that an investigation into the attack is underway and that the Office of the President will, at all times, maintain the highest order of transparency with this Council," he declared, before his face changed and his tone lowered. "I reluctantly assume the presidency tonight following the death of a close friend. Iden Morr was a woman of great character, and her presidency promised so much for the people of the Federation. Whilst I hold this office, I will stick with the Iden policy agenda that she was elected to office on, but no one is more aware than I, that I was not elected to this office. When the investigation into the attack is complete and we have established a stable government, it is my intention to call a special election, whereby the people of the Federation can once again elect their leader."

Applause erupted from the chamber as the Councillor's seemed, for once, to be united in their approval of his statement. For his friends, it would be a chance to elect him in his own right; for his enemies, it would be an early chance to try and oust the new President. Political machinations were at play already.

Indeed he knew how to please the Council, Izzy smirked as he stood and clapped. He wondered about the Chair position and thought about all that he could accomplish for his people, world and the Federation as a whole in that position. First he'd have to get support for it, and offering it to assist the President could help, not to mention keep those power greeders out of it.

Since he had called the meeting Idris returned to the podium and offered his hand to Lukiz. "Brilliant speech Mister President," he turned to the Council. "Unless anyone has reasonable questions that do not require answers that the President doesn't have, I suggest we let him get to work on finding and bringing to justice whoever is responsible for Iden's death. I and my people of Betazed offer to assist in any way possible Mister President, you have only to ask. Who else?" He called.

"Actually," the President stepped forward again and 'took' the podium from the Councillor for Betazed. "It is in the interest of strong, stable government that I will be tabling nominations for several key positions here in the Chamber tomorrow," he then looked to the man from Betazed again, "including nominations for Council Chairperson and key members of the Cabinet." It was then that the President finally stepped down from the podium and looked out at the crowd of people. Interesting times lay ahead, that was for sure.

Rajea regarded her Betazoid colleague. It seemed he had begun the ass kissing early. She smiled as the President interjected.

As the President left the Chamber, the era of Iden, all be it short, was over. The era of Lukiz Raikan had begun, and he clearly meant business.


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