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Posted on Fri Jul 3rd, 2020 @ 8:16pm by President Lukiz Raikan & Eniara Pol & Councillor Rajea

Episode: Dark Days Lay Ahead
Location: Ra-ghoratreii Suite, Presidential Office
Timeline: Day 2 at 0835

Alone at his desk in the Presidential Suite on floor fifteen, Lukiz had finally managed to get a few hours sleep once initial meetings at the Palais had been concluded. Granted, he had never left the building; opting to be close at hand should he be needed, the new President had occupied one of the side rooms to the suite and got some shut eye whilst the rest of the Palais dealt with the aftermath of the previous evenings tragic events.

Today, however, was a new day, and the start of his first day as President of the United Federation of Planets. The holonet was rife with rumours about Iden's assassination, whilst some channels seemed to be playing Lukiz's statement to the press on a never ending loop - much to his annoyance. He was gratified, however, that snap polls conducted by the press seemed to give him a high approval rating in these unprecedented times, and few seemed to support the Opposition's notion of a fresh election, which emboldened him somewhat. That public approval, even if it was just a snapshot, had given him an extra boost that morning, and had led to him getting the show on the road early. He'd called Eniara once he was dressed and had ordered the Bajoran to summon a member of the Council to the Palais nice and early so that he could get ahead of the game and ahead of the session in the Council later in the day.

Outside the Ra-ghoratreii Room, Eniara Pol was stood in the lobby area of Fifteen, tapping her feet anxiously as she glared at the nearby turbo lift. She'd received word that their guest was in the building and being escorted to Fifteen, but the journey seemed to be taking an age. It was probably all the additional security in place, but she would be relieved when the guest finally arri...


A rather cute touch left over from elevators of a bygone era, the ping sound indicated the lifts arrival on floor fifteen and, she hoped, the arrival of the President's first guest of the day.

Rajea stepped out of the lift on floor fifteen. The Deltan Councillor had been summoned to the Palais to meet with the new President. The recent nights events left the bald woman tired.

Her heels clicked on the floor as she crossed the lobby area. The Deltan woman had opted for a sapphire blue jumpsuit with an asymmetrical peplum. The jumpsuit was intricately embroidered in a traditional Deltan fashion. She immediately noticed Eniara Pol and smiled at her approach.

"Councilor," the Bajoran nodded respectfully to the representative from Delta, and stepped aside, gesturing to the President's office. "President Raikan awaits your presence ma'am," she added.

Rajea followed the Bajoran. "Do you know what this is about?" She asked, with a sly sideways glance as they walked.

“Of course,” Eniara smiled as the reached the door of the President’s office and she stepped to the side. “But it is up to the President to fill you in this time,” she smirked playfully before slapping the door chime and walking away.

“Enter!” was the call from within, granting the Councilor permission to enter the lion’s den.

Rajea smiled at Enaiara as she departed. She kept her smile as she entered the Presidential Office. " Mister President." She approached the Trill man with her hand outstretched. 'I offer my deepest condolences to you, I know you were close with President Iden."

"Thank you Councilor," the President nodded solemnly as they exchanged a brief handshake. Upon releasing, he gestured to the sofa area of his office. "Iden was a good friend, and will be sorely missed. I genuinely think she would have done a great deal of good for the Federation," he added, slipping into his chair as he motioned to one of the vacant seats opposite him.

Rajea sat, and crossed her legs, and she looked the Trill man in the eye. "I have to admit, I'm still wondering why you've asked me here?" She smiled warmly.

"Because of President Iden, actually," Raikan smiled as he relaxed a little in his chair, becoming more and more comfortable in his new role with each passing minute. "One of my first duties is to ensure a strong, stable government for the Federation. To do that, I am following through with several key appointments that Iden had planned for her first days in office," he revealed, leaning forward to pick up a data PADD he had earlier placed on the table between them. "Obviously, the Council is without a Chairperson to guide them at present, but Iden had nominated a candidate, and I'd like your opinion before I put them before the Council for confirmation."

"Of course sir." The Deltan leaned in a bit out of curiosity.

"I'm told the candidate has substantial experience in government positions, both at home and abroad," the President smiled as he offered the data PADD across to the Councilor and sat back, waiting for her response.

Taking the PADD, Rajea activated it and glanced at the data. It was her own dossier. "I don't know what to say." she lowered the device. "This is all very unexpected." She couldn't stifle the gleeful smile.

"President Iden and I discussed your nomination at length. She appreciated your service to your people, and to the Federation. And so do I," Raikan gave an honest smile as he reached out and took ownership of the data PADD again. "So if you'll accept, I'd like to push forward with her recommendation and put your confirmation to the Council this afternoon," he asked hopefully.

Rajea composed herself and gave a nod. "That would be agreeable." The Deltan was feeling like she was floating on air, this was beyond her wildest dreams.

"Is there anything you would like to ask me?" It wasn't often that the President of the Federation would give people the chance to ask him anything, so he hoped she would make the most of the opportunity.

"You mentioned your intention to follow through with Iden's election platform."She paused. "What are you hoping will be your first point to address?"

"At home, our mandate is clear; we need to sort out the welfare gap on the planets closest to the outer rim of Federation space," he advised her as he sat forward, his tone a bit more serious now. "Abroad, we have to focus on negotiating a lasting peace between the Klingon's and the Gorn, whilst also improving relations with the Romulan Free State," he revealed. Three key policies from the Iden administration, and three that he was more than willing to push forward with.

Rajea nodded. She was truly very happy that the President intended stick to his predecessor's agenda. "It pleases me to hear that. I have personally been working with Federation diplomats on cooling relations with the Romulan's as well. It's a subject I'm rather passionate about."

"Then I trust you will continue to push that agenda from your seat as Chairperson of the Council," the President knew the answer, but he wanted that reassurance before the meeting was over.

“Of course. I believe it’s a worthwhile venture for the Federation and for Galactic relations on the whole.” She smiled.

Lukiz let out a satisfied nod before changing the conversation back to him for a moment. "I've been made aware that a number of Council members believe they are in with a shot of the nomination, including Councilor Kizak of Betazed. Do you think you'll be able to handle them?"

Rajea thought about the Betazoid's overt ass kissing the previous evening. Even before that, it was no secret that Idris was after the Chair position. "I think I can handle it." The bald woman's cerulean eyes shone bright at the prospect of putting them in their place.

A smile filled the spotted man's face as he shuffled forward again. "Let's hope your appointment is as smooth sailing as this conversation," he laughed a little as he rose to his feet and offered a hand to the Deltan. "A presumptive congratulations," he added.

"Thank you sir." The Deltan stood and took the President's hand. "Congratulations to you as well, Mister President."

"Thank you, Councillor. I just wish it was under far better circumstances," he frowned, yet managed to muster a slight smile as they released hands and the President guided his guest towards the door. "I'll have Eniara send you a list of my nominees for other key positions so that we can get approval votes started," he told as they approached the door.

Rajea nodded. "Of course sir." Rajea waited for the door to open and took her leave. The Bajoran woman's face greeted her departure.

Eniara smiled and nodded respectfully at the Deltan before disappearing into the Ra-ghoratreii suite for continued discussions with the President. There was, after all, much to be done.


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