Pieces of her

Posted on Tue Aug 25th, 2020 @ 8:27am by Director Winston Hastings & Director Jack Colter

Episode: Dark Days Lay Ahead
Location: Roth Dining Suite, Floor 12
Timeline: Day 2 at 0830

It had been a long night, he had as yet been unable to get any sleep something that even he had to admit that he was in desperate need of. Not this hour he thought to himself as he walked back into the crime scene that was the Roth dining room, his eyes zero'd in on the president's place. Wincing at the last moments in the room before all hell broke lose. He had done exactly what was expected of him, he had got the president to medical aide, he had got the then VP to the safety of a bunker. And yet he had still lost the president, it would be days if they were lucky before they got to the bottom of what had happened here. In his pocket was a hastily written resignation letter, something that he had prepared before accepting the invite to meet with Winston Hastings. He wasn't the only one hurting but unlike most he was willing to accept that what had happened here fell on his shoulders. He had to wonder whether the next president wanted a man who had dropped the ball. He had never imagined that he would end his career this way.

Having spoken briefly with his family to assure them that he was safe and well before coming here Jack straightened his suit jacket before resting with his back against the wall waiting for the arrival of the other man. He decided against waisting the time of the crime scene guys by asking questions. Well aware they could ask him for his full account of his actions and conversations before and after the event in question. The less people he spoke to the less people would have to testify.

Hasting's too had spoken with his family, informing them of the day's events, and his appointment as Director of the Federation Security Agency. After what could only be described as a power nap, a sonic shower and a change into an FSA uniform, Hastings had received a security briefing and had made is way to the scene of the crime.

As he arrived on site, he nervously pulled on his tunic, straightening out creases in the fabric that didn't actually exist. ~Not the time for first day nerves,Winston~ he thought to himself. Stepping through the flickering holographic cordon, he made his way towards the lectern at the head of the room. Word had clearly gotten around the FSA and Starfleet staff about his promotion, as FSA Investigators stopped their work to observe his arrival. Upon entering the main chamber of the Roth Dining Room, Winston made a beeline across it to meet with Director Colter. "Jack," he spoke loudly as he approached, "tell me you've got a lead."

Jack turned to look at Winston and offered him a strained smile, "No good news on that front, I have our personnel and starfleet personnel interviewing guests. Also have personnel running checks to see where that gift came from if indeed it was given by one of the dignatories." Jack said running a hand through his hair. Jack had yet to change out of his suit and he hadn't showered since before leaving the house the day before. He'd slept on his office's sofa the night before, in case something broke that needed his immediate attention. "Starfleet and our internal affairs are in the process of debriefing the team in charge yesterday." Jack said. Leaving it unsaid that as yet he had not been interviewed.

"Winston, who ever did this knew how we would react, how fast a medical transport was going to take to be ordered. They knew they would have to use something fast acting. Anything else, we'd have got to her in time and to medical attention in time. They knew what we would do down to the letter. This wasn't a run of the mill hail mary, it was planned and it was executed perfectly." Jack sighed. He'd been tearing himself apart for hours, going over every little detail. "I can't help thinking what did we miss, who did we miss. Something about this stinks. You just took out the president of the federation, newly elected. If you're a terrorist and you just pulled that off. You want to scream from the roof tops. So why has no one tried to take responsibility or why has no one tried to deflect our attention."

His fear at this moment was that it had been an inside job, one of theirs or one of the fleets. You didn't get to be in that office without making some serious enemies.

Hastings nodded, folding his arms across his chest. "I met with the President yesterday, they're ready to pin this on the FSA. We need to know everything that happened. How the hell did they get around the Protection Detail? How did they even get the device into the Palais? If this was terrorist related, they'd have released a statement by now. The fact that they're not even faking a claim to it, tells me that don't want to feel the wrath of Starfleet."

Arms still crossed, he began to pace around the room. "Utilise whoever you need to get onto of this. Please give me updates... lets say every 4 hours. I'm going to meet with our friends in Starfleet Intelligence, see what they've got on activity on President Iden's homeworld."

"How much do you want to annoy Clancy, their is someone I want to talk to. Someone I haven't seen since the swearing in ceremony of Iden. My direct liasion with starfleet security. Captain Malix. There were two people running security, I was running the security inside the assembly... Malix was running it outside. You want to rattle some cages, lets start there. Stick Malix in a room and grill him until we have conclusive evidence that starfleet ran a squeaky clean operation. If they didn't we hang him out to dry." Jack said to him. He was a retired starfleet officer, despite his age. But if someone was having the cheek to say that he dropped the ball with no evidence to support it. Then he was going to fry some starfleet ass on a bombfire. "The last intelligence reports and files on personel for Iden and her grandson were given to me by him minutes before Iden arrived." Jack explained.

"Winston she was Bajoran? The buck stops at the occupation and the Cardassian's if we go down that road." Jack sighed rubbing at his eyes.

"That road, almost seems a little too obvious, don't you think?" Hasting's murmured. 'And, let's not agitate our naval brothers and sisters. We should be working togethers, remember?"