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Confirmation Votes

Posted on Mon Jul 27th, 2020 @ 6:26pm by Councillor Rajea & President Lukiz Raikan & Secretary Annita Rem

Episode: Dark Days Lay Ahead
Location: Council Chamber
Timeline: Day 2 at 1400

Rajea sat in her appointed seat as the other members of the Federation Council trickled in. The Deltan woman stood and greeted her colleagues as they entered.

“Blessed Afternoon.” She said with a warm smile to her Bajoran and Tellarite counterparts as they entered.

The members of the Council knew that Rajea had called the session but it was unlikely any knew why.

Annita was again glad for Ashrana's assistance, her Chief of Staff was taking point on the prep for Rem's confirmation hearing. The Trill still had work to do as a Councilor, and a Councilor immediately following the assassination of the President. One thing was for sure, she would not be getting very much sleep anytime soon. "Good afternoon Rajea." She said in passing the to the Deltan.

It had been a very long whatever for the Betazoid and Izzy had been plagued by nightmares from the Iden incident, it had impacted on Jozan's sleep as well. At one point during the night Jozan just held Izzy. It had brought back many memories back in Izzy's Starfleet days and his father's death, most of which the Betazoid had managed to accept but nightmares have the habit of adapting with new faces and scenes that refresh the horror of it all.

Izzy walked into the chamber and rubbed his eyes of sleep, his aide offering him a hot tea in a long thermos cup/mug thing. "Thank you," he said and slow sipped from it. Of course Jozan had delivered it on his way to his company's office on Earth. Izzy couldn't love that man anymore then he try to imagine he could. He found many councilors milling around. He failed to recall what this particular session was for so he made his way to his usual seat.

The Trill Councillor approached her Betazoid colleague, "I heard you were present at Iden's reception, I'm sorry, that must have been a terrible experience."

After a sip of tea Izzy looked up and gave a half smile. "Hello Councillor...?" He asked, his mind still waking up. "Yes I was," Izzy added, his usual cheer dampened by lack of sleep and the incident.

"Annita Rem. I'm sorry you're introduction to the Council has been on these terms." She replied.

"I will continue to fail to understand why people apologise for something that they aren't responsible for," Izzy said a little more gloomy then he meant but he smiled again. "Thank you, umm, could you remind me what this session is for? I seem to unable to read right now." He picked up the PADD that the administrative staff had supplied the Council with.

"Emergency session due to the assassination. It will likely be nominations to allow the council running ahead of our slated start next week." Rem replied.

"Ah, thank you." Izzy wasn't sure what else to say considering the situation. "If you wish to talk after, I'm open to that," he smiled at Rem.

A short while later, Councillor T'Mia of Vulcan appeared in the chamber, the much older woman accompanied by representatives from a number of worlds as she approached the small gathering of individuals. "It is agreeable to see you all again," she nodded respectfully to the far younger members of the congregation.

“And you Ma’am.” Said Rajea moving towards the Vulcan woman. She bowed ever so slightly out of both respect and habit. The Deltan smiled warmly. “ I think this is everyone.” She said looking around.

A distinctive chime sounded throughout the chamber and surrounding areas. The tradition harkened back to the bells that many parliaments on Earth used. The Councillors made their way to their seats as the session was called to order.

A short while later, and with the Council chamber called to order, President Lukiz Raikan made his way to the podium on the Chamber floor and situated directly in front of the large United Federation of Planet's flag on the main wall. In yet another age old tradition, the President picked up a small gavel-like implement and banged it on the lectern to call the session to order. "The first order of business of this Council session in the first term of the Raikan Presidency is to seek confirmation of three nominees to key positions," Raikan spoke as protocol dictated. "Before any vote on the nominations may take place, the nominees must formally accept nomination and then, a period of discussion lasting no more than one hour per nomination may take place," the Trill declared, looking around the Chamber. He hated formalities such as these and would be happy to have a Chairperson in place to take care of things. "As the Chamber lacks an appointed Chairperson, I hereby announce my nomination of Councillor Rajea of Delta for the position."

Rajea stood. "I accept the nomination." She said with dignified tone. She truly looked forward to any discussion that might be prompted by her nomination.

As the Councillor had accepted her nomination, the President opened the floor to the members of the chamber to discuss the suggestion of the Deltan for Chairperson.

Izzy didn't really have a problem, he wanted to see how Rajea would do in the position. Though he was interested in why the President presented her for Chairperson, but it was far too early to find answers for such questions.

Several moments no one seemed to be rising to question the nomination the Councillor from Bolarus rose,
"Seeing no debate I call the question."

Banging the gavel once again, the President addressed the chamber. "The question has been called. All those in favour, hit the blue button on your controls. All those against, hit red. Should you wish to abstain, press the white button."

All around the room, indicator lights began to shine in front of chairs as the voting took place. The devices the Councillor's used were all fed into the central computer, and a rolling score was updated on the podium the President stood at. Once the final lights came on the result was in, and it was down to Raikan to deliver it.

Due to the fact that the inauguration of the President had occurred just the previous day, today was one of those immensely rare occasions where every member of the Council was present. "Out of a possible three hundred and fifteen votes, the results are as follows. Abstentions, 12. Those against, 97. Those in favour, 206. I hereby invite Councilor Rajea to assume the role of Council Chairperson," Raikan smiled as he stepped aside and began to lead the applause for the newly elected Council Chairperson.

Izzy began clapping as he wondered about if he should have announced he'd run as well but he really did want to see how she did as Chair.

Rem applauded, the cheers particularly loud from the federalists, but the vote showing it was more than a party-line vote. Typically the election of the chairperson had a bit more pomp and would then have seen adjournment for the day allowing the new chair to prepare for business the following day. Today Rajea would be thrown right into it.

Rajea stood and smiled at the applause of her comrades. She moves with a dignified grace towards the podium occupied by the President. “Thank you.” She said. “I believe we have more business to attend to.” She spoke with a slow and distinguished tone.

The attention returned to the President who had said he intended to move three nominations. The latter two would now be at the Chairperson's discretion to hear. The hall quieted back down and some who had gotten to their feet made their way back to their seats.

“Mister President, your next nomination for consideration?” Rajea's voice was even.

"The next pertains to member of your own Chamber," the President called out from his position. "Following due diligence put in place by my late predecessor, I wish to nominate Annita Rem of Trill to succeed Secretary Darin of Benzar as Secretary of Intergalactic Affairs," he revealed, gesturing towards the benches where Councillor Rem currently sat.

Annita rose, she had expected the nomination to go through the much lengthy confirmation process via the committee first, but the President did have the right. "Speaker, I accept the nomination." She said before resuming her seat. Her neighbors leaning in to speak in her ear.

Rajea smiled. “The floor is open for debate.” She instructed her fellow Councillors. “The Councillor from Arcadia, will speak first.”

The Councillor for Arcadia rose, being recognized by the chair and the member spoke. "Arcadia speaks against the nomination, we have strong reservations givens the Councillors history on the Foreign Affairs Committee. Specifically voting records that put current members in exchange for external aid. I urge my fellow councilors to vote against the nomination."

Pressing the button to activate the indicator light that announced her wish to talk, Councillor T'Mia remained seated, her gaze trained on the Speaker.

The Councillor for Arcadia finished her time speaking, mentioning several votes and choices regarding Rem that she felt should disqualify her, A few members jeered and heckled the Arcadian member more than a few members applauded as she finished and retook her seat.

As the Arcadian finished, Rajea turned towards where Councillor T’Mia was seated. “Vulcan wishes to speak.”

Rising to her feet, the universally respected Vulcan (who had served the Council in a variety of ways for many years) drew the attention of everyone else in the Chamber. "The Councillor for Arcadia speaks with great eloquence and emotion," she nodded in respect to the man, "but I must remind him that we deal in facts, and not fiction. There has been nothing but circumstantial evidence of wrong doing submitted to this council. I have worked alongside the Councillor, as well as President Raikan and his predecessor. If President Iden felt that Councillor Rem was a logical choice for the role," she let out a little sigh, one that almost belied her exasperation at the situation, "then I shall support the nomination," she revealed before returning to her feet. As one of the longest serving members of the Council, the member for Vulcan was highly influential, but it remained to be seen if her words would be enough to garner support.

"Let the Councillor address these allegations!" a voice from further back called out, getting quite the response from Arcadia's supporters.

Annita pressed the control that signalled her intention to speak. When Rajea recognized her to speak she rose, and she waited until all of the murmurs died out. "I know I have at times made choices that some of you disagree with, some measures I've supported. Even those of you in my own party." She said casting a glance over the seats occupied by Federalist members. "But I've always been honest and transparent with my actions and my intentions. If this nomination is approved by this house, and I do become Secretary, I will bring that same honesty and transparency to the Administration. I'd like to think even those who've disagreed with me know that you could work with me and as a Secretary I will work with this Council. So if there is someone who has direct allegations to make about my conduct I encourage you to make them now."

Rajea watched for indicators. Deep down, the drama was very entertaining for the Deltan woman.

The representative of Alpha Centauri rose, "We support the distinguished member from Trill, and we too, encourage anyone with specific claims to do so now." The member gave a small nod towards Rem, the Trill had certainly noticed the not insignificant number of sniggers at 'distinguished'.

Suddenly, the light went on for the Bajoran member of the Chamber, and Councillor Gora rose to his feet. There was silence, almost deference for the bereaved young man. "The last twenty six hours have been some of the worst in recent Bajoran history," he began. "What was supposed to be our biggest achievement since joining the Federation almost two decades ago, was snatched from us at the last minute with the death of our revered Iden Morr," he continued as he looked across at Annita Rem. "If President Iden believed that my esteemed colleague from Trill was qualified and worthy of the role for which she has been nominated, then who am I to question that?" Turning back to the chair, he gave his declaration. "Bajor supports President Raikan, and by extension, President Iden. The Councillor for Trill has our support."

The remarks earned a round of applause from the chamber, several members rose but more than a few remained seated with their arms crossed.

“If that’s all, we will call the question.” Rajea said with an officious tone. “ Those in favour, hit the blue button on your controls. Against, hit red. If wish to abstain, press the white button."

The period of voting was over as quickly as it had begun, such was the feeling surrounding the nomination and it was up to Rajea to announce the result.

Indicator lights blinked on as the data streamed to the Speaker’s podium computer. Rajea surveyed the numbers. “Of a possible three hundred and fifteen votes, we have; 9 Abstentions,Those against, 107. Those in favour,199. The motion carries. Congratulations Miss Rem.”

The Trill nodded towards the podium, 199, not bad.

There was a ripple of applause among the Council members before they moved onto the President's final nomination - his Vice President. For his choice, Raikan had gone for person he trusted implicitly, someone he would be able to go to for advice and trust them to put things into practice. Madison Richards, a former Councilmember for Earth almost a decade ago herself, was a logical choice. She had taken a bit of a breather from politics since the attack on Mars in the mid 2380's, but this new crisis had been her return to grace. She had made herself available to the President, and he had chosen her as his right hand woman.

The vote for the Vice President's nomination went smoothly, with over 250 members of the Chamber voting in favour - it was the least controversial of the three votes so far, which pleased the President. Now all that remained was for the Chair to call the session to a close.

“Is there any other business from the floor?” Rajea asked from her new perch.

The sounds of silence were resounding in the chamber. Rajea looked all around to see if anyone wished to speak and nothing

“If there’s nothing else, we will adjourn this session and resume in one weeks time. Thank you for coming.” The Deltan woman’s time was sweet yet diplomatic. She stepped down from the podium and joined her colleagues as they mulled about on their way out to their respective work.


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