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In the Spirit of Cooperation.

Posted on Mon Aug 10th, 2020 @ 6:02pm by Ambassador Vaebn Mirok & Secretary Annita Rem

Episode: Dark Days Lay Ahead
Location: Office of the Secretary of Intergalactic Affairs
Timeline: Day 8 at 1130

The Romulan skimmer approached the Intergalactic Affairs Office with ease. Ambassador Vaebn was accompanied by Major Reilan, his head of Security.

“Whats this about sir?” Reilan asked with a level of suspicion in his voice.

Vaebn smiled slyly.“Observing the formalities Major.”

The driver opened the vehicle door for the Ambassador. He put on a pair of sleek sunglasses and lead the way out of the skimmer’s back seat.

Annita, now officially Secretary Rem was still trying to get settled into her new office. It was expansive by comparison of her councilor's office with a lovely view of the Paris skyline, the old La Défense business district in the distance.
"Madam Secretary, the Romulan Ambassador is here for your 1130." Came the voice of one her aids over the comm.

She looked up from the PADD she was reviewing on the latest border conflicts with the Tholians. "Thank you Jess, please show them in."

A moment later the double doors slide open, Annita rose from her desk and cross the room in long smooth strides. "Jolan tru Ambassador."

The Romulan Ambassador raised and eyebrow. “And to you Madam Secretary.” He looked around the office and sat without an invitation.

Major Reilan stayed beside the office entry.

"I understand you arrived here recently, how are you finding Earth so far?" Rem asked, taking a seat across from the Ambassador on one of the long couches under the window.

“Well the Mediterranean reminds me dearly of Romulus.” He feigned a homesick sadness. “So many things remind me of Romul... “ He allowed his voice trailed off. He regarded the woman. “I must say I was surprised to receive an invitation so soon after my arrival. I understand there been some shake up in Federation government.” The Ambassador looked downright pleased at the notion.

"Yes, I received the condolence of your head of government myself. As for the invitation, they were extended to all of the permanent representatives, we managed to fit you in between the Klingon Ambassador and the Tzenkethi." Rem replied, and icy edge on her tone. "So, how can we work together to foster our relationship."

“Relations with the Federation are the utmost importance to the Free State.” Vaebn began speaking in his most diplomatic tone. “We firmly believe that our people’s can come together on many joint initiatives.”

"Well that is good to hear, I know at times the relationship bet ween our predecessors could be, tense. So I look forward to working with you in the spirit of cooperation."

“Cooperation.” Vaebn echoed. “In the spirit of cooperation, I’ve a gift for you.” He snapped and Reilan stepped forward with a bottle that had been inconspicuous until now. He handed it to the Ambassador. “The finest bottle of kali-fal from one of Romulus’ finest makers. It survived in my personal collection.” He handed it to the Trill woman.

"Thank you, Ambassador." Rem said, hitting a comm key on near by terminal, a moment later the door open. "Please have the Ambassadors gift screened." She said, to the aid who nodded, took the gift from the Major, and stepped out again. "New security precautions, given what happened to the President they sadly seem quite prudent."

Vaebn nodded. “I understand.” He said without any inflection. “How is President Raikan fairing so far?”

"Excellently albeit under the very trying circumstances." Rem replied. "Now in the spirit of cooperation, why don't we discuss the current evacuation deployments"

“Proceed.” Vaebn said with a curt nod.

"The President wants me to communicate that the evacuation continues to remain a priority, however, complications with refugees are straining our resources. As you know the original terms of the treaty would see the Federation take on the significant logistics of evacuation personnel, once they were moved, the Romulan government would resume care and support of their people." She started, "To be blunt, your government has dropped the ball on it's side of the deal. Many refugee camps are receiving no support from your government, and those that often find themselves being used as near slave labour. As such the Federation is not only providing transport we're now trying to provide care to them as well."

Vaebn folded his hands in his lap. “It may be of some interest for you to know that the former Empire is in the midst of a reorganization. And are not a unified state.”

"I am aware, however, Federation negotiations with both major successor states have yielded little. The Romulan Free State claims to be the legitimate successor of the Romulan Star Empire. Your government is quite willing to exercise claim over the former Empire, it is the Federations view that any recognition of your government as a legitimate successor would also require the honouring of past treaties. Including those tied to the evacuation."

“It is a difficult situation to say the least.” The Ambassador stretched his arms a bit. “But I will see what I can accomplish. “

Rem rose, "I appreciate anything you can do Ambassador." She said with large smile. "Now unfortunately that's about all the time I have for you." She pressed a control on the table and the door opened a moment later, an aide waiting to show the guests out.

“Until we meet again Secretary.” Vaebn said with a smile as he stood to leave. “Come Major.” He said beckons the Security Officer to follow his lead. The Romulans followed the aide, from the office to their waiting vehicle without a word.


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