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A Crucial Appointment

Posted on Mon Jul 27th, 2020 @ 7:27pm by President Lukiz Raikan & Fleet Admiral Noah Ramsey & Vice Admiral Kirsten Clancy

Episode: Dark Days Lay Ahead
Location: Ra-ghoratreii Room, Presidential Office
Timeline: Day 3 at 1200

With his government Administration taking shape, President Raikan had now been forced to get the rest of his house in order. As was tradition, all new President's had the responsibility of appointing a Commander in Chief for Starfleet. Starfleet was the deep space exploratory and defense service maintained by the United Federation of Planets with its principal functions including the advancement of Federation knowledge about the galaxy and its inhabitants, the advancement of Federation science and technology, the defense of the Federation, and the facilitation of Federation diplomacy. As per its mandate of deep space exploration, Starfleet's personnel were frequently brought into contact with cultures and sentient species whose existences were unknown to the Federation, acting as official representatives of the Federation in these cases. With such great responsibilities resting on the fleet's shoulders, it was no surprise that President's would take time to appoint their own Commander in Chief to run the organisation.

Whilst his own ascension to power had been rather unorthodox, the President had decided that he needed to bow to experience and had taken the advice of several former high profile officials, including the outgoing Commander in Chief, Fleet Admiral Kathryn Janeway. With Janeway opting to step away to take some time with her family (which he could only respect), Vice Admiral Kirsten Clancy had been given the role on an acting basis following Janeway's resignation just a matter of weeks before the inauguration of President Iden, due to her role as Chief of Staff for Starfleet. Whilst Kirsten had been invaluable in the days since the President's assassination, Raikan had his concerns about promoting her to the top job so soon and thus, had made the difficult decision not to appoint her as his Commander in Chief. No, such a role required a safe pair of hands right now, someone that could simply come in and get on with the job, not someone who had to learn on the job. That had left him with only one, logical choice.

Noah Ramsey was that choice. A Starfleet veteran of nearly forty years and dozens of different conflicts, Ramsey had respect from his colleagues and the experience of running both Starfleet Tactical and, most recently, Starfleet Operations. He'd been heavily involved in the Starfleet response to the Synth attack on Mars and had been crucial in developing Starfleet's role in the last decade. He was also the defacto second in command to Fleet Admiral Janeway as Chief of Operations for Starfleet, even if procedure had dictated that the Chief of Staff take over on an acting basis in the interim. He had been a mentor to Clancy, an opponent of Picard and his rescue armada, and had been important in all subsequent events.

The Admiral had been summoned to the President's office and whilst he stood around outside waiting, he had a feeling he knew exactly why he had been summoned to see his new President this morning. The situation required a stern, well thought out response, a response that both he and Starfleet would be at the centre of.

When the doors to the office eventually opened, the Admiral bid good morning to the President's Chief of Staff and walked into the room, slowing his pace as he approached once he noticed the President was not alone. Beside the Trill, the grey-haired figure of Admiral Clancy stood wand watched as her friend and mentor approached.

"Admiral Ramsey," Raikan smiled as he held out a hand to the approaching man, "welcome."

"Mister President," Noah nodded his head respectfully as he shook hands with the President and then exchanged nods of acknowledgement with Kirsten. "I wish I was here under better circumstances Mister President, but nevertheless, congratulations on your appointment," the eldest man in the room smiled as he took an offered seat once Raikan had resumed his.

"Your words are appreciated Admiral," the President responded with a thoughtful nod before rubbing his hands on his knees. "We should get straight to it, folks, because I am due in the Chamber in a few hours and I have about a trillion things to read before then," Lukiz smiled as he picked up a data PADD and prepared to hand it over. "Admiral Ramsey," he began, "These are your new orders Admiral. Effective immediately, you are the new Commander-in-Chief of Starfleet. Congratulations," the President gave a single nod as he passed the data PADD over and shook hands with the man.

Ramsey graciously accepted the PADD and offered hand of the President, shaking it for the shortest time. "Thank you Mister President," he nodded in acceptance of his orders.

"Good," Ramsey smiled as he sat back, "now I know Kirsten has probably brought you up to speed on the current situation, but I'd like to hear your take on things," Raikan asked, diverting his gaze between the two Admiral's as he spoke.

Ramsey remained on the edge of his seat and focused directly on the President as he spoke. "Sir, forgive me when I say this, but the decision to replace the FSA with Starfleet Security is a mistake," he began with a massive curve ball that neither of the room's other occupants had expected - that was certain from the look on Clancy's face. "Doing so sets a dangerous precedent. The last time Starfleet Security was seen on the streets of Paris was the Leyton coup attempt in the seventies. I understand why it has been done, but it is not instilling a sense of safety in the populace at a time when we need to project an air of authority and calm to the people," he reasoned.

"It has been two days," Kirsten mused with her hand on her chin, "we could withdraw the security forces on the ground, make their presence less visible, but until the FSA have their house in order and we are certain that nothing like the assassination can happen again, we cannot hand back control."

"I agree," Ramsey nodded to his men-tee, "but we must prepare to hand over at the earliest opportunity. The longer Starfleet is seen to be interfering in matters of civilian jurisdiction, the worse off we are going to be," he advised the President. That was his job now, after all.

With a glance at Admiral Clancy, President Raikan nodded. "Okay Admiral," he agreed, "as soon as you are convinced it is safe to do so, withdraw your forces on the ground. Getting back some sense of normality around Paris is crucial," he nodded.

"I would, however, propose that we increase the fleet's alert level," the new Fleet Admiral told as he relaxed into his chair again, "there could very well be a threat out there, and we should not be resting on our laurels. I'd like to put key facilities on alert, and move both the second and fifth fleets into position along our main borders. We'll do under the guise of training exercises, but we definitely need to increase our presence near both Cardassian and Romulan territory," he advised, a cautious look on his face as he waited to see what the President would say.

After a while, Raikan simply smiled. "You are the Commander in Chief now, Admiral. Short of declaring war or sending the fleet into combat, you can take what measures you feel necessary to secure the Federation," he reminded his new Commander.

Their discussion went on for another thirty minutes as the trio discussed a number of issues and Clancy gladly handed over her docket of tasks to the new leader of Starfleet. Together, they bid farewell to the President and,once outside the Ra-ghoratreii suite, they relaxed somewhat.

"When you get back to the office, summon the branch directors to HQ. I've also sent your office a list of candidates for certain roles that I would like your opinion on," the older man told his colleague as they walked to the nearest turbo lift.

It was time to get moving, and the new Commander-in-Chief wasn't going to waste another minute.


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