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Posted on Sat May 2nd, 2020 @ 7:10pm by Councillor Idris Kizak
Edited on on Sat May 2nd, 2020 @ 9:56pm

Episode: Dark Days Lay Ahead
Location: Betazed
Timeline: Day 1 at 0005

[Prior to Inauguration Day]

The election to Betazoid representative to the Federation Council was quite a shock to the Betazoid people as Izzy had found out as he was ordered to appear in front of the Matrons and the Ruling House. He wished he had brought Jozan with him, he was scared of the matriarchs. Especially the one leading the house he belonged to, the Seventh House of the Courage virtue, he found it ironic that he found courage was hard to find when he dealt with the leadership.

The vehicle door opened and many mixed exclamations came his way, some cheers and others damnations. Izzy failed to care, the public couldn’t see the bigger picture like the matriarchs could, so made his way quickly inside.

“Welcome Idris of the Seventh House, Kizak family,” a powerful woman’s voice announced as Izzy entered the Matrons Chamber. He gulped and gave a bow.

“Honoured Matriarchs, you summoned me.” Izzy said holding his bowed position.

“Rise Idris, as you have heard,” the Matron of the Ruling House spoke, Izzy did as instructed and assumed a relaxed at-attention stance he had used when in the Admiralty with his hands behind his back. He kept his focus on the Head of State’s nose, he found it was easier than direct eye contact. “We have elected you to represent our people and world to the Federation Council.” The Matron said with a smirk. “We believe you will help our people and world recover and prepare for any future hostilities, we will support our fellow members in the same but Betazed comes first.”

“Understood Matriarch,” Izzy said, he didn’t really have any questions or anything to say, though one thing came to mind. “I leave immediately for Earth?”

“Yes, travel has been arranged and your predecessor has been preparing for your arrival.”

“My family already has a home on Earth,” Izzy smiled, it will be good to be in that house again. He knew Jozan and the boys would be excited about it too. They had moved around a lot but this seemed to be the longest they have been in one place for being on the Federation Council will be a very long-term job. He prayed he would do his matrons, and his people, proud.

“Excellent, there will be living arrangements available to you and your family should they be needed in any case. I have given further instructions and policy transcripts by the Matrons to your new secretary on Earth, she will brief you when you arrive.”

Izzy bowed again as it seemed that to be a good point to get the hell out of there. “Understood Matriarch.”

“You do not have any further questions?”

Great, now she asks. Izzy thought behind a mental block. “No, I am eager to carry out your will,” he knew that would peaze the Matrons into releasing him.

“Very well, you are dismissed Idris Kizak.”

Finally, Izzy thought again behind a mental block, he backed out while still facing the Matriarchs, "As you will, be well Matriarchs." He said and once in the corridor made for the vehicle. By then most of the crowd had gone onto more interesting pursuits, good, Izzy got into the vehicle and returned home to inform his family of the new position and move.


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