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Dawning of a New Era

Posted on Sat May 2nd, 2020 @ 6:46pm by Eniara Pol & President Iden Morr
Edited on on Sat May 2nd, 2020 @ 6:46pm

Episode: Dark Days Lay Ahead
Location: Paris Guest House, Earth
Timeline: Day 1 at 0750

Iden stood alone on the balcony. She had been there since the early morning hours, long before the sun had risen, clearing her mind and collecting her thoughts. Much had gone into preparing for the day ahead. Many saw it as the culmination of months, even years of hard work and dedication. Yet, Iden knew it was more than that. This was a day that marked the beginning of something new. It the start of a new season, one that would undoubtedly change lives forever.

The cup of tea in Iden’s hands had gone cold, but she hardly seemed to notice. Her attention was lost in the middle-distance somewhere as she took in the sounds of city life around her.

Somewhere behind, the faint sound of doors parting and closing again could be made out, followed by footsteps. Footsteps that approached with an almost skip in their step. “Good morning, Madam President,” the owner of the steps called out rather jovially as she approached the balcony area. “How are you this morning, ma’am?” the voice asked as a woman emerged onto the balcony behind Iden. A Bajoran, with long auburn locks and a beautiful blue dress.

“Well, and you?”

“It’s the start of a beautiful new dawn, and excited for an opportunity to shape the future of the galaxy,” the younger Bajoran grinned as she stepped forward to the rail of the balcony and lent on it with her elbows. “So, I guess you could say I’m pretty good!” she smirked, but her smile softened when she noticed the expression on the older woman's face. “What’s wrong?” she queried, standing upright again.

“Nothing,” Iden said, turning to smile at the younger woman, “Just being mindful of the moment.”

Nodding slowly, Eniara glanced across the city and, in the distance, could make out the outline of a particular building through the morning haze. “All the preparations for the ceremony are complete and the Palais staff will be on hand to welcome you shortly after the swearing in,” she told, using a hand to push herself away from the railing and back into the apartment.Once inside, she took a seat on one of the sofas.

Iden poured the remains of her tea over the flower box on the balcony, then followed Eniara inside. She crossed over to the kitchen sink and began washing out the mug. “I’m impressed they manage to change everything over so quickly,” she said as she worked, “When we got to the Palais after President Bacco’s ceremony, the entire presidential suite looked as if she’d been in office for a year already. Of course, as cabinet ministers, we were left to fend for ourselves...”

“I never said the place would be tidy,” Eniara grinned as she picked up the data PADD she had brought in with her. “Speaking of cabinet ministers, Secretary Darin has decided to reject your offer to stay on at Intergalactic Affairs. He’ll stay in post until the Council ratifies a replacement,” she frowned as she started to go down the list of items on her brief agenda, “and we’re still chasing nominees for three other Cabinet posts.”

The news of Darin’s planned departure was disappointing. Iden had first met him while he was serving as undersecretary with the Bacco administration and been impressed with his dedication. His support for the Cardassian reconstruction efforts had proven invaluable, making him a real ally in their work together. As much as she’d hoped he would have stuck around to continue that partnership, however, she understood the need to move on.

“Very well,” she said, wiping the mug dry and setting it aside, “We’ll have to revisit that one again, I guess. Make sure you let him know how much we appreciate his willingness to cover the interim.”

“Having served on the Council prior to his work with the Bacco administration, it might be a good idea for us to throw a function for him,” the President-elect’s chief advisor suggested as she watched her boss very closely. “On the one hand, it would show how much his work has been appreciated, and on the other, it shows no hard feelings and keeps the door open for a potential return to service.”


“I’ll get things put in motion once we’re all settled in our new offices,” Eniara nodded, making a note on her data PADD.

At that moment, another door opened and a young man emerged. He was wearing the dress uniform of a Starfleet cadet, which he appeared to be struggling with as he made his way slowly into the main area of the room. “This stupid collar’s giving me trouble gain, grandma,” he complained, tugging at the offending bit of fabric, “I knew I should’ve gone back for mine.”

“Well don’t you make a dashing young Cadet,” the Chief of Staff grinned cheekily as she rose to her feet and took a step towards the pair. “I hope you realise you won't be able to come to grandma to dress you properly when she is President,” Eniara wagged her finger at him playfully.

Iden clucked her tongue. “That’s enough, you two,” she said, “Tabyr, come here.”

The young man continued to pull at his collar as he crossed over to where his grandmother stood waiting near the kitchen island. She swatted lightly at his hands, pushing them aside so that she could grasp the collar herself. With a sharp tug, she pulled the two sides together, causing the younger Iden to wince a little. Yet, she managed to fasten the clasp. “There,” she said, brushing a few wrinkles out of his jacket, “That should do it.”

“Ma’am, we really should go over the day's festivities,” Eniara shuffled anxiously from foot to foot while watching the grandmother with her grandson. It was lovely to see the family together, but today was no ordinary day, and this was no ordinary grandmother anymore.

She was to become the most powerful being in the entire United Federation of Planets.


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