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Inauguration Day

Posted on Tue May 19th, 2020 @ 10:20pm by Rear Admiral Nilani Azulas & Eniara Pol & President Iden Morr & Elizabeth Carter & Secretary Kurt Bergen & Councillor Idris Kizak & Director Jack Colter & Director Charles Robinson III

Episode: Dark Days Lay Ahead
Location: Candlestick Auditorium
Timeline: Day 1 at 1430

Betazoid Councilor Idris Kizak stood with his husband, Jozan, in the Auditorium's entrance hall. Since nothing had started yet, everyone Izzy assumed would be congregating in the hall before heading inside to find seats. "So still angry about being selected to represent Betazed on the Federation Council Imzadi?" Jozan asked, his pressed business suit with a purple colour scheme was crisp and semi shiny.

"Yes, and no." Izzy replied, this conversation had happened many time since they had moved back to Earth for the, well both had lost count of how many times their family had moved residency around the quadrant. "Mind you I only just started so I have much to learn but I will be careful Imzadi." Izzy himself wore a full length robe that was cut on either side so as he walked his dress trousers could be seen. The colour scheme was a mix of white and dark purple.

"Good." Jozan said with a nod. They both had glasses of orange juice, they could drink alcohol as they had to meet their sons for dinner after this ceremony.

"Perhaps you can write a proposal to become the President's catering service for official functions?" Izzy asked with a smirk.

Jozan snapped his eyes to Izzy's and they widened in utter surprise. "You're right! Why didn't I think of that?" Jozan said rhetorically and pulled out his display communicator to call his second.

Izzy laughed as his husband went off excited about the idea, the Betazoid wondering what a monster he just created and hoped the President didn't say no.

In the background, and feeling rushed off her feet already as kick off time approached, Eniara Pol was in deep conversation with two of the President's security detail when she noticed the presence of the Councillor for Betazed. Taking her leave, the Chief of Staff approached the Councilmember. "Councillor Kizak, a pleasure to meet you at last," she gave her most charming smile as she spoke, "Eniara Pol, President Iden's Chief of Staff."

As this was going on, Kurt entered the room with his wife, Andrea. Both wore civilian attire, Kurt in a nice suit and tie and Andrea a dress and jacket combination. Both wore small Starfleet arrowhead pins on their jacket lapels, as they were both retired Starfleet. Andrea had enough of the job after she hit Captain, retiring after the Dominion War ended.

"I swore to myself I'd never see another political or diplomatic function after I left." Andrea said quietly.

"I made that promise to myself so many times I don't pay it much heed." Kurt replied with a chuckle, "At least this time you can choose your attire. You never did like the new uniform style."

"I never liked my uniform. The replicator never got the neck measurement right. Felt like I was being slowly strangled the whole time I had to wear the formal version. At least the ones before then were a bit looser in the neck." Andrea commented.

"Except for always having to tug the top back down any time you stood up." Kurt replied. "But we can go on about the good old times later. Let's go meet the others." He said, and the two made their way to the growing group of politicians.

Izzy gave a little bow towards the Chief of Staff. "Greetings Chief Eniara. It is a pleasure to meet you as well." He replied though he wasn't sure what to make of the 'at last' part. His assistant didn't tell him he had any pending meetings with the Administration. "It has been rather chaotic hasn't it?" Izzy joked.

Eniara, looking beautiful in her dress and her hair styled for the occasion found the Councillor a little... odd. No one called her Chief - it was a position not a rank or title, but she shrugged it off. "It's been a busy time, yes. I wanted to take a moment and let you know that we'll be bringing several cabinet appointments before the Council when a few sessions have been scheduled."

Jack walked with a purpose across the room, with a couple of agents behind him. With the help of his comm he was able to find the woman a lot more quickly, than if he had just been using his eyes to visually locate her. He smiled as he approached the group, allowing the tension to rush out of his body. Things were going well, he thought to himself. "Good afternoon Ma'am, Councillor, Mr. Secretary." Jack spoke clearly and respectfully. He smiled at them each in unison but offered no hand to any of them. He turned taking up a position near to Eniara. "The President's detail is in bound." He spoke to Eniara mainly loud enough for the others to hear.

Eniara silently nodded in acknowledgement of the Director's remark, offering him the briefest of smiles before returning her attention to the Councillor.

"Greetings," Izzy smiled at the group of agents, he assumed, and the newcomers. Who the agent mentioned was a Secretary, Izzy gave a short bow to Kurt as well before turning to Eniara. "Thank you for the 'heads-up', ma'am," having grown up in a matriarchal society, he was taught to respect the women he encountered and one way was using anything that could be a title, rank if they had one and ma'am was a wild card that covered most of the rest.

By that point Jozan had returned and smiled at Eniara. "Hello Miss Eniara, I'm Jozan Tau. May I book a meeting with the President about function catering?" He asked, the Trill trying to contain his excitement at the idea.

"Be careful Imzadi," Izzy said after he leaned over, "don't set your hope up too high, no matter how excellent the food and beverages are."

Jozan gave Izzy a sideways glare for a moment before returning to face Eniara

"Feel free to reach out to my office and I'll see when I can fit you in," the presumptive Presidential Chief of Staff nodded respectfully, very careful about what to say or think in the presence of the delegate and his partner.

Kurt nodded to the man who spoke to them, as did his wife. For the moment, they were willing to watch the Betazoid couple talk with the President's Chief of Staff. There wasn't a whole lot to jump in with right now, but the former Starfleet officer couple were experienced in diplomatic events to know that it was perfectly fine to just smile and look important than get drug into a conversation they didn't want to be in.

"Secretary Bergen; Captain," the Chief of Staff nodded in welcome to the two guests, "it is a pleasure to see you both, but alas, the President-Elects arrival is imminent. Excuse me, please," she nodded again before bidding fair well, gesturing for Director Colter to accompany her.

Jozan called after the Chief of Staff. "I'll be waiting Miss Eniara, thank you."

Izzy sort of shook his head slowly side to side while he sipped his orange juice watching Jozan be a nosy businessman making a fool of himself.

"What?" Jozan asked before sipping his juice.

"You do know how busy the President is right?" Izzy asked.

"Very, but once she has enlisted Supremacy Inc for catering at all official functions, she'll never have to worry again." Jozan said with a smirk.

"Let's hope so, and don't think of using Betazed to get to the President. I have enough problems and you are capable of much." Izzy said before another sip.

Jozan sipped his and smiled. "Oh Imzadi you are the best, let's go and meet more." The two approached Bergen. "Hello, Mister Secretary was it, of what if I may ask?" Jozan asked offering a hand.

Izzy had his hand out as well to the Secretary's partner. "I'm Councilor Idris Kizak of Betazed, and you are?"

"I'd hoped to take the job of Secretary of Being Retired, but it would appear that my job changed." Kurt smiled, before taking the offered and, "Secretary of Defensive Operations."

"Councilor." Andrea took the hand offered to her, "Andrea Bergen. Unlike my husband, I had sense enough to retire from Starfleet when offered those Admiral pips. Now I just do consulting for Starfleet Academy and write."

"Now now, no sense in boring the Councilor and his partner." Kurt replied, "So, what is it that you do, sir?" He directed his question to the man he just shook hands with.

"Secretary of Being Retired, now that is genus." Jozan said with a chuckle. "I'm going to have to write that down. I am Jozan Tau, CEO of Supremacy Inc. We are a major hospitality company across the Federation and beyond."

Izzy smiled at Andrea and brought her hand up to plant a kiss on the back of it before releasing her. "It is no bother Mister Secretary," he turned back to Andrea. "Yes ma'am it does seem a good time to retire once an Admiral. I didn't however, I was lucky that I had a starship to command for most of my Admiralty career before retiring to the political game." He grinned. "What do you write?"

"I confess that's not a line of work I was expected." Kurt replied to Jozan, "I usually just relied on stewards, galley crews, and replicators for the diplomatic missions I hosted here and there. But I can expect that is an interesting line of work."

"I retired before Admiral, he didn't." Andrea cracked a grin, "I was in command of the Cairo, he was in command of the O'Neil. We both got offered Admiral, I refused and stepped down from command after the Dominion War. They conned him into it."

"Well, I thought it would be temporary, but I imagine James Kirk said the same thing when he stepped down from command of the Enterprise. I suspect, Councilor, you will likely hear my name cursed a fair bit by some." Kurt said, "But, I'm used to it."

Jozan grinned. "Supremacy Inc is leading in most hospitality fields, well that's what my board of directors has been telling me, we also participated in most of the Federation relief efforts after the Dominion War with transport and production of supplies. I was proud my company helped Mister Secretary."

"And you don't want to be in the Cabinet any longer?" Izzy asked, he couldn't quite imagine a reason why, though peace and quiet home life does sound lovely along with spending it with a loved one.

"I feel I have certain...responsibilities. Better that I try to fulfill them then step aside and allow myself to become a part of history." Kurt replied, "But that doesn't mean I expect to be popular, Councilor. Nor do I wish to be. Let my name be cursed, so long as the actions steer us onto the path we often forget about."

"...okay, no more spouting philosophical without the excuse of at least being a few glasses in." Andrea said, "It was lovely to meet you both."

"Indeed. Gentlemen, I think it is time we go take our place for the day's events. Until next time." Kurt said. The Defense Secretary and his wife started towards the gathering proper.

Once they were safely away, the Chief of Staff leaned in towards Director Colter and gave him a playful jab in the chest with her right index finger. "Councillor Kizak's partner wants to talk to the President about function catering," she told him quietly, "have some of your people run interference and make sure he gets nowhere near the President," she sighed. "Last thing Iden need's today is a chat about canapés and hors d'oeuvres..." she shook her head slowly as she looked around the gathering crowd.

Elizabeth made her way through the crowd towards the Chief of Staff, she had arrived early and had been watching people as they came in, it was an old habit that would never die. She spent a long time in her career being a people watcher, her purple dress swaying slightly as she made her way through the people. Smiling as she passed people and nodding her head slightly. She moved through the crowd protecting her oceanleaf tea, she knew it was strange to have a hot drink at these events but if she was going to have to rub elbows with people she had little interest in she would have her comfort drink in her hand. She made it to the Chief of staff and the head of the protection unit, "Ma'am, Director Colter." She smiled broadly, "I got caught up in my people watching but I thought I'd come over and let you both know that I am here." She took a sip of her tea and let out a little sigh.

He took a breath before looking at his own team shaking his head, "We'll take care of it." He said to Eniara. The councillor he was sure would be dogged in their determination. "The most frequent answer I am likely to give today is no, some people are going to have to get used to hearing that word." Jack said seriously though the small smile on his lips certainly suggested he was looking forward to the challenges of the next few hours. Turning his attention to Elizabeth he inclined his head, "Call me Jack." He said to Elizabeth. "It is quite something out there right now, though we've had to confiscate the Klingon's Bloodwine, apparently they wanted to get the party started a few hours early. We have a couple of officers of their's in lock up just to be sure." He explained to Eniara. "If you get some irate Klingon delegates, Captain Malix at Starfleet security would just love if you send them his way." Jack said with a chuckle.

"I'll leave that to you, Jack," Eniara grinned as she signaled for a glass of water from a nearby waiter. "Your job is to make sure this goes off without a hitch. My job is to make sure the President is where she needs to be and is there on time," the Bajoran nodded in thanks as she took the glass, "...whilst Elizabeth here just gets to swan around watching people hard at work," she laughed before taking a sip of water.

Elizabeth smiled taking another sip of her tea, "My instructor at academy always taught me to work smart not hard. Plus when one swans through a crowd you might be surprised what someone my size can hear when they think no one's listening. Plus it is also a good idea to have people wander threw the crowd looking out for trouble makers." She smiled at Jack, "That doesn't scream security about them. Do we know the president's ETA? If the Klingons are getting agitated already it would be a good idea to get things moving, they are after all not known for their patience or tolerance." Taking another sip from her tea as if she was having a chat at a cafe. Always seem relaxed, it meant people overlooked her which in a large crowd like this at an event where risk is increased it was even more important.

Jack looked at the chief of staff with surprise, "I will endeavour to do everything I can to keep the Klingons as sober as possible for as long as possible. And away from the Romulan delegation." Jack said with a smile. Cardassians or not the Klingons and Romulans were going to be his biggest headache today, he could feel it in his gut. "What you can see probably amounts to a third of all the security measures in place today. The service is running things on the inside, we have Starfleet security running the crowds outside and that's just the physical security." Jack explained. Tuning out the two ladies for a moment he listened in the on the comm chatter and smiled. "Two minutes out," Jack said in response to the question.

Charles stepped through the doors of the large hall outside the auditorium, dressed in an immaculately tailored, somewhat shimmery navy blue suit, with a matching tie. His powerful figure was apparent, and the jacket was perfectly fitted to keep his holstered service weapon concealed until he had need of it. Lidia, dressed in a powder pink gown that made her light caramel skin seem to glow, and her dark brown eyes sparkling in her beautiful face, walked beside him, her arm hooked through his own, and a perfectly poised smile on her lips, the perfect, feminine, jovial counterpoint to his stoic figure.

"Would you care for a drink?" Charles asked, looking down into his wife's face with a faint trace of a smile. She was ravishing, and she knew it, and the thought of it made him love her even more.

"I'd love one," she replied, returning his smile with her own.

Charles nodded, "Will you be okay here alone? I know you don't know any of these people..."

"I'll be fine, dear. Stop worrying," Lidia answered with a tinkling laugh.

A few minutes later Charles returned, two long-stemmed glasses in hand, both filled with a sparkling pink liquid. "Rosé champagne," he said, handing it to her, knowing it was her favorite. "Let's mingle, shall we?" he added, and with her affirmative nod they set out to do just that.

Elizabeth wandered through the crowd till she saw a face she recognised, she made her way towards Charles, "Director Robinson, you made it in alright. How are you doing?" Liz took a sip of her tea, "It seems to be filling up but we won't have to wait much longer till things start." She smiled and extended her hand to Lidia, " You must be Mrs Robinson, I am Elizabeth, one of the Presidents new advisors. We will probably be seeing a lot of each other as I guess we will all be coming to these things regularly. There is always a ball or a function going on." She smiled giving a little laugh at the end

Lidia smiled warmly, "Yes, please call me Lidia," she said, taking the extended hand. "It's lovely to meet you, Elizabeth, and I feel you will prove to be correct, we will likely see quite a lot of each other."

Charles smiled, glad to see Lidia already introducing herself to people. He wasn't sure why he'd ever been worried. Of the two of them, she was far more outgoing and friendly. He was the one he needed to be worried about.

Liz smiled, "It is the side effect of working in the world we do. Due to the things we know and see not only is our world view tainted but we have information we can't speak to others so it forces a sort of self-dependant social dynamic." Shaking her head slightly she turned to Charles, "How did you manage to convince your lovely wife to accompany you. My better half made a case that they had to stay at home to look after the children, almost like there was not a boy sitter in the universe." She smiled and took a deep breath and a sip of her tea, "I guess if we didn't have to be here maybe we wouldn't either. Have you both been enjoying your evening? It should be a good night as long as the Klingons don't go wild."

Charles nodded, "Trust me, if I didn't have to be here I wouldn't," he said, agreeing with her sentiment. "But, since I do have to be, it didn't take any convincing at all to get Lidia to come along. She likes social gatherings, and she wanted to be here to help keep me sane," he added with a deep chuckle.

"Plus I reminded her how good she looked in this dress, and that she rarely gets an excuse to wear it," he said, glancing down at his wife and winking as he smiled and placed his hand on the small of her back.

Lidia looked up at him and smirked, "You think you're such a charmer," she said, and then burst out laughing. Turning back to Elizabeth she put her hand on the other woman's forearm as if she was going to impart a secret. "He is, actually, but I try not to let him know that. It tends to go to his head," she said as a very obviously audible aside, making Charles chuckle again.

Liz smiled slightly at the woman, "Well have a lovely evening but I have to go schmooze some more, hopefully, I will see you both later." Parting from the pair she moved through the crowd since again looking for any faces she recognised. Sliding through the crowd protecting the tea in her hand from getting knocked and disappeared into the bodies.

Izzy hadn't had a chance to reply to the Secretary of Defense before he and his wife left their company, so he offered his arm to Jozan and the Joined Trill accepted it. "Shall we?"

"Yes." Jozan said as the couple approached the rest of the gathered VIPs.

"Greetings to one and all." Izzy announced to Charlie, Lidia, Elizabeth and Jack. "Pleasure to meet you all. I am Councilor Idris Kizak, Seventh House of Betazed, Guardian of the Sacred Dagger." He liked dropping that little secret. Since the Seventh House was of the Courage virtue a dagger was one of the house's sacred treasures from ancient times, but it was not held to the same level of reverence that the Fifth House's Holy Rings and Sacred Chalice held to this date.

Sacred chalice, pfft, Izzy thought, it doesn't do anything but look pretty. He smiled before taking a sip of his juice.

Suddenly, the conversations around the gathering space started dying off. Heads turned as everyone's attention was drawn to the latest arrival, President-elect Iden Morr. She moved with purpose, her traditional Bajoran robe flowing smoothly as she walked. A small group of individuals that included her grandson and members of her security detail accompanied her. They followed closely as she made her way over toward where her chief of staff was waiting.

"Good morning."

Iden's gaze swept over the familiar faces. She took in the members of her soon-to-be administration, many of whom she'd had an opportunity to start getting to know already during the transition period, and was pleased to see some had chosen to bring family. She also made note of the various dignitaries and other guests who waited with them. "Councilor Kizak," she said, addressing the representative from Betazed, "so glad you and your partner could join us today. I trust you're both settling in well?"

"Thank you and yes ma'am." Izzy said and immediately put an arm in front of his husband as he even didn't need to be able to sense thoughts or emotions from his partner, even though the whole Imzadi thing allowed for that, that Jozan was about to ask the President about catering. "Not now Imzadi, I promise I will help you at a more appropriate time with your catering official Federation functions proposal." He said though Izzy was sure that Morr heard the exchange before she moved on.

Jozan made an angry sound but backed off and put his hands around Izzy's blocking arm and smiled at him.

"I promise." Izzy repeated.

"Good, good." Iden understood quite well the stress and logistics involved in relocating one's family to another world. Not only had it been part of this transition in preparation for her presidency, but it had also been one of many challenges she faced transitioning out of her time as Secretary of Interplanetary Affairs several years prior. The fact that both Kizak and Tau appeared to be in good spirits was a positive sign.

"...and Kurt," she said, turning her attention to the incoming secretary of defense, "I hear you've already started working."

"I don't believe I ever stopped, if I'm honest." Kurt replied with a slight bow of his head and a smile, "But, that's why I'm here, isn't it?"

"Don't let him fool you, Madam President. He's just been pestering people at the Academy and at Starfleet Command right now." Andrea replied.

"Yes, but that's just the preliminary work." Kurt chuckled, a glance to his wife, "I dare say the real work has yet to begin."

Iden laughed. "I don't doubt it," she said, giving Andrea a knowing look, "but I suppose we shouldn't keep him waiting too long then, should we?"

"Madam President," Eniara smiled as she intervened in the quietest way she possibly could, "it's time. We should let our guests get to their seats while you get to the main stage," she advised, a nod towards Director Colter for him and his team to lead the way.

Jack stepped up to the President elect with a smile. "Madam President Elect shall we?" He asked Given a nod to the detail they fell into step. "=/\=The president elect is on the move.=/\= He said into his comms. Pleasantries could wait, function came first today he thought.


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