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First Day Jitters

Posted on Thu May 7th, 2020 @ 3:41pm by Director Jack Colter

Episode: Dark Days Lay Ahead
Location: Colter-Littlewood Residence, Paris
Timeline: Day 1 at 1100

Checking his suit jacket for wrinkles a third time he glanced over at his laughing husband, "Laugh it up." He said with a smile. The two of them were in the master bedroom of their house getting ready for their day. He knew of course that today was an important day and that of course it was unlikely to be an easy day. Inauguration never was easy, someone would want his time, someone would want to make his life difficult. Most likely in the latter's case it would be the first family or the president herself who would make his head pound. He'd had conversations with the woman's staff, he'd read the materials on the woman that were available and he felt that he was as ready as he was ever likely to be for the first day on the job in his new role. Jack walked to his bedside table retrieving some antique cufflinks which he fiddled with for a few moments while he attached them. They had been handed down in the family from father to son though his father and brother had never needed to wear them, so as the youngest boy in the family he got them as it was thought he would need them.

"How do I look?" Jack asked as he turned to his husband.

"I am beginning to worry about wandering eyes, you look as handsome as the day I met you Jack." Brandon stated as he walked around the bed until he was standing in front of his husband clasping his arms at the elbow. "You've been doing this for a long time, keep the ship straight and steady, you will be fine." Brandon smiled as he leaned in for a peck on the lips. He didn't need to hear those words but when he heard his husband tell him that he was proud of him it brought the biggest of smiles to his lips.

Their kitchen was full of life as he entered the room, Max had some how managed to coax Sam into eating cereal rather than throwing it at the wall. That was a nice change, he checked the time on the clock above the door. Old fashioned clock not a chronometer like most houses. He liked modern technology but he also loved antiques and just good old fashioned pieces of art in the house. Modern mixed in with the old as he ordered his first coffee of the day and helped himself to toast. He was dressed now and really did not feel the need to change by having something messier.

"How did you manage to get your brother to eat his food rather than throw it?" Jack asked.

"You have to bribe and compromise with him Pops." Max said to him Jack's right eye brow arched up and looked at his husband who simply nodded his confirmation of this. "Will I see you tonight?" Max asked.

"Lets assume not." Jack said with an air of a defeated man. "The president is going to need me today you know that." He pointed out.

"First day on the job, you want to make a good impression you mean." Max grouched. As the boy had gotten older, it was harder to hide the effects of his job and the sacrifices his husband and children made for him and the time he lost with them because of it. Not being there for Max's prom had lead to a massive argument between the two of them, Max had been right of course. What he did and who he looked after, would always come before his children and husband. It pained him that his fifteen year old kid had worked that out at about the same age he had come to a similar conclusion about his own father and the life of a Starfleet officer. He had given up the uniform but he had not given up the life or the sense of duty that came with it. He wouldn't be cliché enough to say you will understand when you are older, like his father had when he had formed a similar opinion. It hurt no less to see the look of sadness cross Max's face that day, like he was sure it had hurt his own father when they'd had the argument twenty or so years before hand.

"You know the first months are going to be hard, so if you want me time with me kid you need to make an appointment now for next Christmas." Jack said as he covered the distance he bent slightly to place a kiss in the nest of hair on top of Max's head. "I love you kid don't ever think anything different." Jack whispered in his son's ear before rising back up to his full height. Max surprised him by turning in his chair and hugging him. Jack kissed Sam in much the same way then headed for the door so he could make his way to the communal transporter padd down the street. Brandon followed him as far as the front gate.

"Good luck today, Max..." Brandon said.

"I was his age when I made the same conclusion he did Brandon. He knows my duty comes before pretty much everything else in our lives. I hated my father for always making me feel like I was second best to the uniform and his second family behind his own bloody crew. I don't want that for our children, I don't want to look back ten, twenty years from now and realise that I have the same relationship with Max and Sam as I do with my own father." Jack ground out. Brandon sighed, he'd known that Max's words had stung Jack far more than he would ever let the teenager know. That he thought was part of the problem, Jack compartmentalised everything in his life. Duty and family were kept separate from each other, so that when he walked through the door at home he went from being one and became the other and likewise the other way around. Years of training in the service and years of service in the fleet had done its job and its damage. Even if it was not something they had discussed.

"You will be late if you don't get moving, I hear the new boss..." Brandon started Jack burst out laughing kissed his husband goodbye and without a second look back headed for the transporter.

[Security Office, Palais De La Concorde. 2 ¾ Hours Later.]

Arrival at his office meant an influx of messages, he still had an hour before he needed to be ready to assume control. Currently the man he was replacing was doing his final hour of service. Jack looked out of his office as he finished setting up his desk, not that he expected to be at it very often but it still needed to feel like home. He checked his watch again out of habit.

"They say that time moves slower when you are watching the clock!" He heard from the doorway.

"Sal, you old dog what are you doing here?" He asked of the Starfleet officer and one of his eldest friends. "I would have thought that you'd be walking the route by now." Jack said to him.

"New job Jack and I see you are bouncing off the walls." Sal replied the commander handed him a padd. "That's the last of the reports you asked for three days ago." Sal said to him. Jack nodded placing it on his desk. Adding to the small pile of heavy reading he would be doing when he got home at the end of this treacherously long day. "How are the kids? Max must be fifteen, sixteen now!" Sal asked him.

"Figuring out that their father has more important duties to attend to. The argument I had with Max after the promotion came through shook the neighbours home across the road." Jack said to him. "How about your three and Mary?" He asked.

"The girls are fine, last I heard about Mary however she was engaged to a Betazoid." Sal replied.

"Divorced due to your marriage to the uniform." Jack said to him. He wasn't the first and he wouldn't be the last of course, Jack sometimes wondered what kept Brandon from walking out the door with the kids. It wasn't an easy life or a life that wasn't without its dangers but still Brandon stayed by his side loyally, celebrating his successes with him and commiserating with him after a long day with a good bottle of wine and a kind ear willing to listen to him let of steam. In return he would listen to the days of his kids and husband, listen to terrible jokes and watch terrible movies or listen to music and play games with his family. All in all it was not a hard life, just not a particularly easy one either. "I should get going, I don't want to be late that's the presidents job. Thank you Sal pass my thanks on to who ever put this together." Jack said to his friend who held out his hand which he shook. Jack was out the door a few minutes later carrying ID and his standard armaments for the event. He doubted very much he would need either but it was standard procedure.

"You have half an hour Jack." Someone called.

"I want to check everything personally, I have my personal communications device if anything comes up I want to know." Jack said to the woman who inclined her head his way.

[Candlestick Auditorium. 10 Minutes Later.]

Jack's arrival at the auditorium was inauspicious to say the least, he took note of the quickly filling auditorium and inclined his head at the agents nearby who took notice of his arrival. Jack stepped of the secure transporter padd, announcing his arrival on the comm channel and asking for an update. Jack walked to the edge of the stage, making sure that he was out of site of the dignitaries who were awaiting the ceremony and the arrival of the woman herself.

”Director, glad you could make it.” Someone said behind him. Turning around and stepping away from the stage to greet the man who had just spoken to him with a smile.

“Captain Malix what an unexpected surprise.” Jack said to the man he assumed was running the Starfleet security protocols today. They could he thought to himself have at least given him someone he liked and got on with. Malix was a stickler for the rule book and his teams had likely been in place since the crack of dawn. Here he was twenty minutes or so from the main event of the day taking place just arriving on site. He had among the least amount of jobs to do up until the ceremony was complete. “You got any issues I need to know about Malix?” Jack asked politely.

“Beyond the Klingon blood wine situation, I assume you know about nothing as yet.” Malix informed him. Gritting his teeth no doubt because Jack had not used the mans rank when addressing him.

“I am going to need access to your comm chatter Captain do you have what I need.” Jack asked.

“Control has the feed as requested, they'll inform you of anything that comes up.” Malix said to him.

“Captain if you make my day harder just to be clear, you won't get near another event of this importance.” Jack said to him. He didn't add at least while I am in charge of the president's safety. It was unnecessary as threats went. This was a big day for them both, he didn't want the heat from the press if it got out that he was clashing with Starfleet security personnel on day 1. Malix seemed to agree with the sentiment and offered him his hand.

“Lets make this work Director.” Malix said.

=/\=Director, Poet has arrived along with secretary Bergen.=/\= He heard in his ear.

“Show time, excuse me captain, the chief of staff is on site.” Jack said then turned and after being told where Eniara Pol was in the building.


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